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The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright, Illustrated by Barry Moser
Published by Peachtree Publishers
Pages: 256
Ages: Middle Grade
Publishers Summmary:

In this playful homage to Charles Dickens, unlikely allies learn the lessons of a great friendship.

Skilley, an alley cat with an embarrassing secret, longs to escape his street-cat life. Tired of dodging fishwives’ brooms and carriage wheels, he hopes to trade London’s damp alleyways for the warmth of ye olde Cheshire Cheese Inn. He strikes a bargain with Pip, an erudite mouse: Skilley will protect the mice who live at the inn, and in turn, the mice will provide Skilley with the thing he desires most.

But when Skilley and Pip are drawn into a crisis of monumental proportions involving a tyrannical cook, an unethical barmaid, and a malevolent tomcat, their new friendship is pushed to its limits. The escalating crisis threatens the peace not only of the Cheshire Cheese Inn but also the British Monarchy!

Unbeknownst to Skilley and Pip, however, they have a secret ally: a famous author who scribbles away many an afternoon in ye olde Cheshire Cheese Inn…

As Charles Dickens sits whittling away his ink and paper an unexpected story unfolds before his eyes. An Inn known for it’s marvelous cheese and of course it’s expected inhabitants, mice. When the alley cat Skilley is informed by his rival, Pinch, that there is need of a mouse catcher at the inn it seems the perfect place for a cheese loving cat in want of a home. Before he knows it Skilley is welcomed, but before too long he’s acquired a new mouse friend and an even angrier enemy. An unlikely pair, Skilley and Pip discover that friendships are not always predictable and that secrets & power can be held within even the smallest of creatures.

Astonishingly delightful. Those would absolutely be the two words I’d use to describe this surprisingly enjoyable tale. I say surprisingly because I’m not generally one to enjoy animal narrators, but this is certainly an exception. This is a story not only with references to the great Charles Dickens, but filled with stories of friendship and love.

The Cheshire Cheese Cat is definitely a story I’d recommend to young readers as early as age seven and possibly even younger if read with a parent who can inflect the enthusiasm the story deserves in its telling. Not only will they love the excitement of the rivalary between Skilley and Pinch, but they will also learn lessons about kindness, friendship, honesty and even a new word or two. Pip is a very unlikely character, as a mouse who can read and write, he helps both Skilley and the reader to learn new words in nearly every chapter. What was delightful about having Pip as the teacher was that it never seemed forced and that is without a doubt something that young readers will appreciate.

Through the story telling abilities of Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright and the delightful illustrations of Barry Moser the story of two unlikely friends comes to life in The Cheshire Cheese Cat. A story filled with friendship, adventure and even a few educational bits here and there make it a story that young readers and their parents will fall in love with almost instantly. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to read it, not only myself but also to my son. Even at the young age of four he was completely enthralled with Pip and his friend Skilley. It’s a story I recommend wholeheartedly and cannot wait to keep reading to my own two kiddos!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 8 to 14. A tale of friendship and strength in unlikely places. This is a story young readers will love reading and having read to them.

Find The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright at the following spots:
Powell’s Books
Barnes & Noble

Thank you so much to the publisher, Peachtree Publishers, for providing a copy of this book for review and giveaway! Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and follow the rest of the tour on their Blog!
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As an added bonus the publisher, Peachtree Publishers, has provided me with one copy of The Cheshire Cheese Cat to giveaway to one There’s A Book reader! Please fill out the form below and good luck!

11 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: The Cheshire Cheese Cat by Carmen Agra Deedy & Randall Wright

  1. Beth Hoffman says:

    I am totally in love with the cover!

  2. Kelly H-Y says:

    Ohhh, that sounds really good! I’ve got a son who’s a reluctant reader … maybe I’ll try this one. Thanks for the heads-up and the awesome review!

  3. gwendolyn b. says:

    I love the idea of this book and I LOVE Barry Moser’s work. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy!

  4. Elizabeth G says:

    These illustrations look incredible. Looks like a keeper. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  5. Gina says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your assessment….WONDERFUL STORY indeed! You have to love the nods to Dickens throughout as well as his appearance…unexpected but delightful addition to an already enchanting story. Thanks for the share…and good luck everyone on the contest! ^_^

  6. carol says:

    Sounds like a great book. I think my daughter might even enjoy it.

  7. pabkins says:

    Oh that is soooooo adorable!!

  8. i’ve seen this around, it looks awesome! thank you for the contest!

  9. Looks great!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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