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I Love Him to Pieces (My Boyfriend Is a Monster) by Evonne Tsang and Illustrated by Janina Görrissen
Published by Graphic Universe (An Imprint of Lerner Publishing Group)
Pages: 128
Ages: 12-18
Publishers Summmary:

Can love survive the zombie apocalypse? Maybe Dicey’s first chance at a real relationship was dead from the start. She’s the star of her high school baseball team, and Jack’s the star of the science program. Her idea of a study session includes sleeping in the sun, and his idea of a good game involves dungeons and dice. But opposites start attracting when they’re assigned to be partners in a class project. Now an outbreak of a weird infection—it eats your brains and leaves you hungry for more—might not mean just the end of their first date. It might mean the end of everything. Will their relationship fall apart faster than zombies in the Florida sun, or can Dicey and Jack beat the odds and find a happy ending?

I Love Him to Pieces is the classic, boy meets girl – boy turns into a zombie romance. Yes, Dicey happens to be captain of her high school baseball team and incredibly intelligent, but she’s also interested in a very unlikely match, Jack. When they’re paired up for a science project Dicey learns that Jack truly does have feelings for her, but what happens when the zombie apocalypse suddenly happens and Jack may have been infected? Will Dicey fight for him or run for her life?

Are you a graphic novel fan and/or a zombie/paranormal fan? If you answered yes to either than you absolutely need to check out this series. I Love Him to Pieces is the second in the series by Evonne Tsang and Janina Görrissen and it’s fantastic! Not only is the story captivating, but the illustrations are superb. A cross between a comic and a purely graphic novel, the illustrations combined with the text make the story literally jump off the page. With some graphic novels you can feel a disconnect between the writing and/or the illustrations with one or both being too choppy, but that certainly wasn’t the case here. I Love Him to Pieces had characters that came to life, the story felt genuine and overall it was incredibly fun to read.

Now, as I mentioned, the story was fantastic. Obviously my readers know I’m a big fan of zombie related reading in any form, from picture books to adult books if it has a zombie in it I’ll consider it. That doesn’t mean that each is enjoyable, but in this case it certainly was. The romance between Dicey and Jack was fun and intriguing, because who doesn’t like a popular tomboy falling for the school nerd? Jack always has his nose in a book, but that also has something to do with his background as well. Jack’s parents are gone during the majority of the book and it has you wondering what type of scientific research they are doing that would keep them away. Soon enough you learn exactly what it is and it makes what happens with Jack that much more compelling. Overall, a truly enjoyable and fast paced story with characters you can’t help but get attached to.

Perfect for the season, I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang and Janina Görrissen, is a zombie graphic novel that will have readers engrossed and excited for the full “My Boyfriend Is a Monster” series. Tsang shares a story that’s well written and Görrissen’s illustrations connect seamlessly to make a fantastic graphic novel reading experience. With main characters struggling to deal with regular life and the sudden onslaught of the zombie apocalypse is easy to feel compelled to see where Dicey and Jack will end up. I’d highly recommend this I Love Him to Pieces (as well as the rest of the series) to not only graphic novel fans, but regular print book readers who love the paranormal as well. This would be the perfect addition to a reluctant reader’s library, especially for those who may enjoy things that go bump in the night!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 11 to 18. A graphic novel that’s fast paced, well written and perfectly illustrated makes this a fantastic read for those reluctant readers as well as those interested in the paranormal.

Find I Love Him to Pieces (My Boyfriend Is a Monster) by Evonne Tsang and Illustrated by Janina Görrissen at the following spots:
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Barnes & Noble

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5 Responses to Book Review: I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang

  1. This looks wonderful! That cover completely sucked me in, and the story sounds fabulous as well. (And what a title…)

  2. Gina says:

    Interesting book choice and the first time I’ve heard of it….sounds like a good find for this time of year though and the off center characteristics granted the main lead, two thumbs up! Not everyone is cookie cutter in reality, so why should they be in fiction? Great post!

  3. Aubrie says:

    I saw this at my school library, and I checked it out! It’s really good! I think Jack Chen is just adorable XD

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