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Ruby, Violet, Lime: Looking for Color by Jane Brocket
Published by Millbrook Press
Pages: 32
Ages: 4-8
Publishers Summmary:

Ruby flowers, violet quilts, lime frosting—colors are all around us. How many colors can you find in the pages of this book?

Sweet as a Bug: “Pink! Did you know my favorite most favoritest color is pink? Did you know there are even buildings and shoes and lots & lots of ribbon in this book that are all pink? I wuv it! My next favorite color is purple and there are lots of purple things in this book. My mom said to call it violet sometimes, but I like purple because the letter “p” is so neat. But can someone tell me what an eggplant is for? My mom said you eat it but I think it’s too pretty to eat.

“If you like your colors like I do, you should be reading this book. I read it all the time and point to all the pretty colors! It’s really fun because my mom likes to point to all the colors when we go outside after reading this and I wuv it!”

Mom’s Two Cents: Colors everywhere. From cupcakes to shoes to flowers to railings and even fudge, each one is a different color. Pastels and metallics and dark shades can be seen in everything around us in every place we look. The world is full of color and sometimes it may be a bit hard to pick only one favorite, but perhaps you don’t have to.

Much like a look-and-find style book, Jane Brocket’s picture book about colors Ruby, Violet, Lime is one that will intrigue young readers while keeping them engaged and learning. Personally, I’m not normally a reader who enjoys only pictures in a picture book or basic-concepts book, but Ruby, Violet, Lime is an exception. Where other books make the pictures seem random and ill chosen Jane Brocket’s book is the the opposite with the pictures having obviously been specifically chosen for each page. Not only have they been carefully collected, but each picture is beautiful and coordinates easily with the text making it enjoyable for everyone reading it.

For Littlebug and myself a weekly or daily read-thru of Ruby, Violet, Lime makes that day that much more interesting. As we head outdoors her eyes begin to search for new colors: golds, plums, aquas and grays. As the narrative begins by teaching about primary colors young readers build a base from which they can add to and grow from. This is certainly a non-fiction children’s book that will have young learners yearning for more opportunities to search out new colors, but also one that parents and librarians/teachers will wholeheartedly approve of. I’d highly recommend it for every home where little kiddos reside!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 6. Beautiful images combined with superb text make Ruby, Violet, Lime a story kiddos will look forward to reading and parents will enjoy teaching from. A marvelous color finding & learning book!

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4 Responses to Book Review: Ruby, Violet, Lime by Jane Brocket

  1. Sounds great 🙂 Like a fun way to learn.

  2. pat says:

    The pictures in this book are terrific! I borrowed a copy from my local library to leave as one of my “back table” books that my students can look at while they are waiting for buses to be called, and they keep going back to this one.

  3. Pussreboots says:

    It sounds like a book my daughter would love.

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