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Today A Bit of Me(Me) is being hosted at Teach Mentor Texts by Kellee and it was a tough question to be honest, but I’ll tell you more about why in a minute. First, take a look at this week’s question…

Thanksgiving in the US is right around the corner. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? If you’re not in the US, what’s your favorite holiday season food?

So why? I know you are all thinking, “what could be so bad about a whole bunch of really fantastic food and wonderful company?” Well, on thing…it’s my birthday. Yes, my birthday quite often falls on Thanksgiving Day (this year I’ll miss it by two days) and though I love the holiday I suffer from a similar problem as Christmas birthday people do. My problem…FOOD!

Imagine this: You’re at your family’s home for Thanksgiving, the wonderful aroma of mashed potatoes, beans, turkey, pumpkin pie and more waft through the air. Everyone is enjoying the food as well as the company. Inevitably, the “stuffing” of the individual has been completed and nearly everyone is sitting in varying states of “food comma” when suddenly your mother brings out a giant cake…with ice cream. Ready to jump up to shovel more in? I guessed not.

Okay, so this all sounds terribly negative and it really isn’t. Minus the overstuffing and almost always feeling sick by the end of the day it’s usually a great day to have a birthday because everyone is there for it. Rarely have I had a lonely birthday and that’s the best part in my opinion.

(Photo from Pinch My Salt. Click over for an amazing Deviled Egg recipe!)

Now, to actually answer the question…my favorite Thanksgiving food would definitely be a tie between the mashed potatoes and my mom’s deviled eggs. Without either it would be a completely different holiday. Love them both!

So, do you have a favorite Thanksgiving or holiday food? I’d love to know!

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9 Responses to A Bit of Me(Me) – Thanksgiving Foods…Maybe

  1. Bob Brooks says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite is turkey with giblet gravy. From the first aromas wafting from the oven to the last flavorful forkful, it sits at the pinnacle of my dinner choices. Twice a year my mother would repeat the process; beginning with choosing the turkey and ending with turkey soup. It was a family ritual to be cherished.

    Although millions of others did and do the same, this was my mother, my family and my Thanksgiving.

  2. A Thanksgiving baby? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh That’s what we’re hoping doesn’t happen to our Baby Girl. We don’t want her to be a Christmas baby. While on one hand it’s a beautiful Christmas gift, on the other hand it will make her birthdays harder on her.

    I LOVE your attitude about it!

    My favorite Thanksgiving food? Stuffing

  3. What fun to have a Thanksgiving birthday! I love double celebrations! My favorite food is probably the sweet potato thing with brown sugar and butter….

  4. OMG thanks giving is perfect with deviled eggs. MY aunt always makes them and mashed potatoes are nom nom

  5. Anna says:

    auwww! I don’t think i’ve ever had deviled eggs lol and as for Mashed potato I see loads of people love it, I personally amd not a fan 🙁 xx

  6. Henry Porada says:

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  7. Jen says:

    I don’t know anyone who has their birthday close to November – except you, now! That would be hard. My birthday is in June so I get a half year of waiting until Christmas and then another half year waiting for my birthday to roll around. I like that you get lots of days off and your family around on your birthday! I think I would opt to celebrate it the day before or after as far as cake goes! 🙂

  8. Raquel says:

    This year I’ll miss Thanksgiving on my birthday by one day. Two turkeys and two birthday cakes (we have 2 Thanksgiving meals with two families) is too much!

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is my awesome Leek & Potato Au Gratin. Thin layers of potatoes, leeks, onion, butter, cream and gruyere cheese. Oh my goodness it’s so good. I’m not a big mashed potato person so I like to indulge in this. I also really love stuffing. I used to make homemade stuffing but now with split Thanksgivings it’s too much work. However, homemade stuffing with sourdough bread and lots of vegetables is quite tasty. I also used to make dessert but no one ever eats it! We are all too full by the end.

  9. Oh, I LOVE deviled eggs AND mashed potatoes–yum! But my favorite would most definitely be the candied yams. I’m drooling just thinking about them! 🙂

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