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The Monster Who Did My Math by Danny Schnitzlein and Illustrated by Bill Mayer
Published by Peachtree Publishers
Pages: 32
Ages: 4-8
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Publishers Summmary:

A math-phobic boy faces another dreaded evening of multiplication when a monster suddenly appears in his room and offers him a deal he cannot refuse. After a quick signature on a contract, the boy’s problems are solved, and his homework is ready to turn in the next day.

At first, everything adds up perfectly. But when the boy’s math knowledge is tested at school, his troubles begin to multiply. What did the fine print on that contract read?

In paragraph seven of clause ninety-three,
“If you don’t learn anything, do not blame me!”

When the bill comes due, will our hero have the money—and the math skill—to subtract that wicked monster from his life once and for all?

The Turkeybird Adds It Up: “This kid needs a math helper! I think if this monster showed up at my house and said he’d do my math I’d tell him he was crazy! I’m a huge super fan of math! It’s the best! I love to add a lot. Maybe I could have helped him instead of the monster. I would have only charged him a chocolate bar and maybe some yogurt.

“The very best part is the end where he counts up all of his money and does all of his math homework. I can’t wait to be in school so I can do math homework too! By the end he shows that monster who’s boss and that’s the very best best thing ever!”

Mom’s Two Cents: All this young boy wants is to finish his math without agonizing over it for hours. When his fears and dread finally get the best of him he breaks down and signs a contract he shouldn’t have. As the monster who came to his rescue continues to “help” he finally discovers his love for adding and subtracting, but will it be too late? Not reading the fine print can get you into quite a bit of trouble, but knowing how to add things up may get this little boy out of hot water.

First of all, look at that cover! The illustrations by Bill Mayer in this picture book are fantastic! Bright and colorful and they simply pop off the page. Secondly, the story…who hasn’t wanted a “magic fairy” (or in this little boy’s case, a monster) to come and magically take care of whatever homework you can’t finish in a short amount of time? I know I had those days as a kid, even as an adult I’ll put things off that I’m dreading. Unfortunately for this little boy he signs a deal with a monster who’s out to make a little bit of extra money in a very sneaky way. Not only does the story teach children about the fun that can be had with math, but it also teaches them the importance of choices they make. I’m not positive that the Turkeybird at four years old completely grasps the concept yet, but he does love math as well as the book so I’ll keep sharing it with him in hopes he’ll catch on.

The Monster Who Did My Math by Danny Schnitzlein is not simply a story about the joy that can be found in addition and subtraction. This is a story that shows children the importance of our choices and those with whom we depend on. As children grow up it’s easy to make choices based on what “looks good” or “seems easier”, but it’s not always quite so clear and often it requires more thought. The Monster Who Did My Math is a story about a little boy getting in over his head and fortunately finding a way out through his careful addition. It’s a story that our family will be reading for years to come, not only because we love the illustrations and math but also because of the principles it teaches.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 4 to 9. Kiddos whether they are frightened of or love math will enjoy this monster math adventure. Share a story that will help children understand there are consequences to the choices we make.

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3 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: The Monster Who Did My Math by Danny Schnitzlein

  1. Book Review and Giveaway: The Monster Who Did My Math by Danny Schnitzlein – (via @sociablesite)

  2. Sherry says:

    We’re having math rebellion at my house in which various children don’t want to complete their math assignments. Maybe I could give this book to my fourteen year old and he would get the point?

  3. Sounds like an excellent lesson. Great review.

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