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Ashes by Estevan Vega
Published by StoneGate Ink
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Goodreads Summmary:

More than three months have passed since Arson and Emery were taken. Taken and then separated.

And experimented on.

Salvation Asylum is more like a prison than a psychiatric facility. Unknowingly, Arson has become a vital instrument in a campaign set to genetically alter mankind. Enraged, confused, trapped, and unable to fully manifest his abilities, he wonders if he will ever see Emery again. His new existence is one crawling with questions. Is Grandma alive? Where does the fire come from? Can he become more than a monster?

In Ashes, book two of the ARSON series, nightmare and reality collide as Arson must embrace what he is and the haunting realization that there may be others out there, others like him.

Locked away with little or no hope of escaping both Arson and Emery are trapped in an asylum that has them questioning their sanity. Is any of it real? And is there any hope that either of them will see each other again? As Arson discovers more fully who he is and what he’s meant for his story becomes one that could affect not only his small family and Emery, but the world as well.

Ashes is exactly the kind of book I would have read in my teens. This may shock some of you, but as a teen I read primarily horror novels. From Anne Rice to Richard Matheson to HP Lovecraft and more, there was hardly a horror book I left alone. As a teen there was no such thing as young adult fiction and I basically read whatever my Dad had & recommended. It worked out great because we shared quite a few of the same interests in books and music. Enter today’s standards and I’m sure the books I read back then wouldn’t make the YA cut. Which brings me to the dilemma with Ashes, is it YA or adult fiction? In my personal opinion I’d easily recommend it to a mature teen who loves a good scary paranormal read, but in that same vein I’d also hand it to an adult horror reader as well. I think that applies to quite a bit of YA fiction, but in the case of horror YA maybe even more so. I’d hate for a reader to turn Ashes down because they thought it was not in the right “category”.

As for the story…it was just as I remembered with Arson, full of action and great characters. This being the second book in the series I was personally looking forward to getting to know both Emery and Arson better and seeing where their relationship went after their abduction at the end of the first book. That certainly happened, but what I didn’t expect was the additional characters including Emery’s parents, Lamount, Adam, Saul Hoven and many more. The addition was great in terms of plot twists and the future of the series, but at times I did wish there were only one or two narrators instead of four or five. Besides that, the story was amazing and I loved the idea of placing much of the story in an asylum. Very creepy indeed.

Ashes, the second novel in the Arson series by Estevan Vega, is packed full of action, plot twists and of course a creepy setting. Vega is a fantastic new voice in the world of horror fiction and one that readers will thoroughly enjoy. With the fate of the world at stake I’m eager to see where Adam will lead Arson, if either is truly hoping to save the world and of course who will get the girl in the end. This is a series to watch for and I’m excited to continue reading it as soon as the next book is released!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 16 and up. A perfect young adult horror fiction novel for fans of Richard Matheson and Jonathan Maberry. Be warned, some of the story is not suitable for the timid, but those who love a well written horror story will love it!

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Thank you so much to the author, Estevan Vega, for providing the eGalley of Ashes for review! Look for my review coming in November!

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  1. This looks REALLY good but I’d have to hide the cover to read it because it is SO freaking creepy!

  2. I feel like Pam – it sounds great but I don’t think I want that cover in my house! LOL

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