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Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier
Published by Chronicle Books
Pages: 40
Ages: 4-8
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Publishers Summmary:

In this exuberant book, acclaimed graphic designer Craig Frazier does more than simply showcase a vast variety of dots, he encourages young readers to look closely at the world around them. Through his energetic images, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Buttons are dots. Wheels are dots. Ladybugs have dots. And so do the fried eggs on your plate. Lots of Dots is lots of fun!

Littlebug Likes Pink: “The pink dot! It’s my very mostest most favorite dot of all! Next to the purple dot that floats away, the pink dot is my very favoritest dot ever. Every time I see it I have to show my mom!

“Did you know that there all kinds of dots? The ones I like the most, other than the pink one of course, are the ones that look like bubbles, butterflies and balls. There are some that are super super heavy and I always have to pick them up off the page to show everyone how heavy they are, because they’re so heavy, and then set them back down before we keep going with the dots. I love reading this book right now, it’s so much fun! (And I love the pink dot!)”

Mom’s Two Cents: Whimsical dots, dots for licking, dots for snacking and even dots on shirts. In every color and size dots make up many of the things in the world around us. There are dots everywhere, if only you know where to look.

In the recent past there have been numerous books based on how we interact with common things in our environment such as shapes and colors. Dots have been a popular choice as of late, but it’s obvious why. Children love them! We’ve reviewed Dot by Patricia Intriago, now Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier and soon we’ll be posting our review for Press Here by Hervé Tullet. Each has been a huge hit with the kiddos, but Littlebug especially is attached to Lots of Dots. In one day in the recent past I can count at least a dozen times we read it in a single sitting, she loves it that much. The bright colors and situations are undoubtedly a huge draw for her, though she certainly appreciates interacting with pages like the “heavy” page.

Bright colors, situations and plenty of dots have children excited to discover just where the next dot will pop up in Lots of Dots by Craig Fraizer. With situations and places that involve the most common of places such as our shirts, a garden and in the stars children find that they only have to look around from where they sit to discover more dots. Littlebug loves this picture book with a fervor I’ve rarely seen. Much of this has to do with a certain color, but the variety and interaction she finds within it’s pages are also something she looks forward to regularly. Lots of Dots is a creative story that children will not only enjoy reading, but will learn to incorporate into their lives and the world around them.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2-6. Spark the imagination and creativity in a young child by introducing them to the most basic of shapes, a dot.

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  1. Nice! Sounds good. The high contrast should make it good for super young kiddies too.

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