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With so much going on and with such a great response last week I thought I’d keep doing the “Round About the Interwebs” to give my readers a little bookish news happenings I’ve stumbled on during the week. These are just a few of the posts I’ve found and loved. Did you find one you loved? Please tell me in the comments, I’d love to take a look!

First up!

Did you know the holidays are right around the corner? What I mean when I say “right around the corner” is actually that they are banging down the door to get in! After joining the Book Blogger Holiday Swap last week I started to notice the other many book blogger related holiday festivities that will be happening over the next few weeks. They are all amazing and I think I’ve signed up for the majority of them, but I wanted to make sure everyone else knew about them as well. Here goes:
The 2011 Virtual Advent Tour
Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange 2011 (Open Internationally!)
Thankfully Reading Weekend, 2011 Edition!


It’s that time of year when Reading Challenges for the next year start popping up. Well, there are a couple I’m planning on participating in and some I’m considering. Of course, I’ll be posting my Picture Book Challenge coming up in the next couple of weeks, but until then take a look at these for the 2012 year:
Sophomore Reading Challenge! – A follow up to the Debut Author Challenge and a way to continue reading those fantastic debut authors you loved the previous year. (Plus it’s hosted by the fabulous Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit!)
2012 Debut Author Challenge – Speaking of debut authors…here’s Kristi’s brand new and revamped debut author challenge. Every year it gets better and better and this year is no exception! Sign-up!


Next, did you hear about all the crazy awards being announced so far this time of year? It’s crazy! Instead of posting about each individually I thought I’d share a few I stumbled across and let you take a look.
Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2011 – Fabulous list and YES! it includes covers! Wahoo!
Amazon’s Best of 2011 – From every category imaginable!

Last, but Certainly Not Least – A few favorite links from this weeks perusing.

Danielle Sharing The Books She LOVED This Year at Book Journey – Yep! You read that right! Sheila went away to Honduras for the week and asked that I guest post over at her site. I was so so so honored! I love her site and had so much fun with this post! Don’t miss it!

“Better grab an umbrella I make it rain”: On Monetization – April has a fantastic post about monetizing your book blog and her reasons for going that direction. Well worth the read!

Debut Novel Cut for Plagiarism – Miss this? Don’t! It’s crazy and I can hardly believe it was done by someone who owns a bookstore. Wow! There’s also a post that highlights exactly what he plagiarized and you won’t believe what you’re reading, take a look.

Approaching Book Reviewers – Not only did I have my interview with Anne R. Allen, but Pam from Bookalicious had a very interesting encounter with a publicist that you have to read about to believe.

Behind the Scenes: Meet My Publicist at Penguin, Milena Brown! from Sarah Jio – Speaking of publicists…this is a fantastic post about a publicist who knows what she’s doing and is also working with a favorite author of mine.

Kobo, I’m Breaking Up With You – Buying an eReader for the holidays? You may just want to read this excellent post from Jenn’s Bookshelves.

Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez – A book review from one of my favorites, Jamie The Perpetual Page Turner/The Broke and the Bookish. This was a favorite read of mine and I love how Jamie wrote about her feelings about the book. Fantastic review!

Oh! So that I don’t post too much I thought I’d include my Interrobang YA vlog here instead of in it’s own post. Enjoy!

That’s it! I know, crazy good week, right? That’s not even the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more I just didn’t get to. Make sure to check out these links and enjoy finding some great new blogs to love.

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2 Responses to Round About the Interwebs: Edition Two

  1. -Great interview(s).
    -Kobo – 45 minutes on hold? Whoa. Who knew!
    -Pam’s email from a publisher blows my mind.
    -Pet peeve about being pitched a book? Please read my policy and see what I’m accepting at this time 😉


  2. I’m catching up on blogs after weeks of casually sitting on the sidelines, and I was thrilled to see this post, because it puts me right back in the loop! That plagiarism story is completely shocking. I can’t imagine sitting there, surrounded by all those other books, just pulling random passages and slapping them together to make a new story. Who does that? And who expects to get away with it?

    And that email Pam got – wow! I give her kudos for responding, though. I would have deleted and ignored it. I don’t buy for a second that the first message was a draft. You wouldn’t put that stuff in a draft if you didn’t intend to abide by it.

    So many great links. I don’t have time to click them all now, but I hope I will later today!

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