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Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale
Published by Nosy Crow
Pages: 32
Ages: 1 and up.
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Publishers Summmary:

Dinosaur Dig! has everything that boys love — diggers, dinosaurs, and dirt — plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure. Bursting with energy, noise, and a splashy, surprising ending, this is an absolute riot of a book.

Dino Crazy Kiddos: “What are they building?! Digging digging digging! We love counting all the dinosaurs on every page and they really must be building something super super neat.

“Our favoritest part is when they finally go for a swim in their great big new pool! We didn’t even know dinosaurs liked to swim. How silly! Turkeybird’s favorite dino is the Iguanodon but Littlebug loves the Megalosaurus (because it’s pink!). This is such a fun book and we love counting all the silly dinosaurs as they dig, scrape and crunch in the ground!”

Mom’s Two Cents: Thump! Crash! Clatter! Clunk! Scrape! Sploosh! As the dinosaurs dig away at their construction site their numbers increase and their project gets more & more involved. Count as the number and variety of dinosaurs adds up until the very last page when the final project is revealed.

It’s no secret, our family has a huge reservoir of dino-lovers. Not only has the Turkeybird been a fan since I can remember, but as soon as Littlebug could start playing with his dinosaurs she grabbed them and wouldn’t let go. One of the first series of books we introduced to both kiddos were the How Do Dinosaurs…?” series by Jane Yolen and they instantly fell in love. So when I discovered Nosy Crow had a new dinosaur book coming out I was obviously interested, as were the kiddos. The illustrations are actually quite similar to the style found in Yolen’s series that’s illustrated by Mark Teague which was a huge bonus because it felt like you were revisiting an old friend.

What sets Dinosaur Dig! apart from other dinosaur books is the brilliant text and gorgeous characterization. Often counting books are either too simple with only three to five word sentences per spread making it somewhat boring for older readers who may be past the “learning to count” stage. Dinosaur Dig! has just the right balance with a well written opening sentence followed up by a rephrasing of the same sentence along with action words on each spread. This set up makes it easy for very young readers/learners to focus on the numbers but also makes it enjoyable for older readers who enjoy reading and interacting with the dinosaurs on the page. There are also the scientific names of the dinosaurs on the inside cover of the book, which the Turkeybird loves learning! In addition to this, each of the dinosaurs are realistic, but not scary at all, making them easy to connect with for young readers who love these pre-historic creatures.

Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale is a stand out counting book that not only toddlers, but pre-school age dino-fans will absolutely love! Our family has quickly fallen in love with the delightful illustrations and text by Penny Dale that has reminded us of one of our absolute favorite dinosaur series by Jane Yolen. This is a fantastic book for families with toddlers and preschoolers who love dinosaurs and love to count. Dig, crunch and count through the pages of Dinosaur Dig! as these dinosaurs build their very own surprise ending that young readers will be thrilled to read about!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 1 to 4. Mix counting with a childhood favorite, dinosaurs! Read along and try to guess what they are building. Perfect for dinosaur fans and readers learning to count!

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3 Responses to Book Review: Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale

  1. Dinosaurs and construction trucks?!! My 3 year old son would love this book!

  2. Allison says:

    Ha, my thought as I was reading this great review was basically the same as the comment above- dinosaurs and construction?? PERFECT for my 3 year old. Too funny. I guess it’s a winning combination! Thanks for reviewing this book– I’ll have to check it out for my little guy.

  3. carol says:

    Very cute! My daughter would have loved this when she was little.

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