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Press Here by Hervé Tullet
Published by Chronicle Books
Pages: 56
Ages: 2-5
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Publishers Summmary:

Press the yellow dot on the cover of this book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey! Each page of this surprising book instructs the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next! Children and adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size! Especially remarkable because the adventure occurs on the flat surface of the simple, printed page, this unique picture book about the power of imagination and interactivity will provide read-aloud fun for all ages!

Littlebug Gets Crazy: “Press. Tap. Press. Turn. Shake. Press. Clap. Clap! Clap!! Press! Again, again! Can I read this one over and over and over? My mom says it’s okay and it’s one of my very very most favoriest books. It’s super crazy! All of these dots go all over the place when you do what the words on the bottom of the page say. My favorite is to read it with my big brother because we like to take turns pressing and tapping the dots. We laugh and laugh and laugh!

“This is one of my most most most favoriest books ever! If my mom let me sleep with my books I think I’d bring this one but my mom says I’d never go to sleep. Silly mom! If you haven’t read this crazy book you have to! Now! It’s so good!”

Mom’s Two Cents: Opening the pages of Press Here a child enters into an imaginative world filled with dots of all colors and sizes, but it all starts with a simple yellow dot. As pages are turned and actions completed the dots come to life before a child’s eyes. Turn the book, shake the book and even blow on the dots in the book and listen to the laughter poor into your home as children & adults everywhere fall in love with this ingenious little picture book.

Again, as I was with both Dot by Patricia Intriago and Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier I simply wasn’t expecting what I would inevitably get out of these brilliant books. In each reading situation I completely underestimated the potential these books had and I’m incredibly thankful that Littlebug shared them with me. As each came into our home it was Littlebug that made the discoveries and opened her imagination to each book’s pages. As we sat to read them together you could see the world light up in her eyes and I absolutely love when that happens!

Press Here by Hervé Tullet was the first of these types of interactive books that we read and as I mentioned, it was a huge hit! Specific to Press Here the things we most enjoyed about it were the bright colors, the interactivity and the kiddos couldn’t get enough of “having to” start over at the last page. What stood out in my mind was the level of interactivity and the way it’s incorporated. Just when you think you’ve had enough “pressing” Tullet changes it to “turning” or “shaking”. The timing is beyond perfect. Just when you think they will stop laughing and get bored kiddos turn the page and find another aspect to laugh about as if the dots have actually come to life!

Dive into a world of creativity, imagination, and interactivity as you open the pages of Press Here by Hervé Tullet with a child you love. Watch as their faces light up and your home fills with laughter as they discover what their actions will cause the dots to do and become. This is without a doubt a favorite read of ours this year and one that gets read on a near daily basis in our home. If you haven’t read Press Here by Hervé Tullet yet you are certainly missing out and I’d highly recommend you run out and pick up a copy as soon as you possibly can! You and the child you share it with won’t be disappointed!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2-6. A must have book for pre-school to grade school age kiddos! Interactive, thoughtful and hours of fun for everyone reading.

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4 Responses to Book Review: Press Here by Hervé Tullet

  1. NotNessie says:

    Awesome! I read a book like this with my daughter a little while ago and, like you said, we got way more out of it than I expected.

  2. carol says:

    I’m getting my niece this one for Christmas. It just seems too great.

  3. Interactive books are the best! Great review.

  4. We love this book too! I hosted a Press Here play date and I was excited to see this past weekend that it made it onto all of the kids wish list for our Secret Santa book exchange.

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