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The Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter and Illustrated by Julia Miner
Published by Flying Dog Stories & University Press of New England
Pages: 36
Ages: 4-8
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Publishers Summmary:

The Lighthouse Santa drops presents to all of us who live alone at the edge of the ocean. From Owl’s Head Light in Maine to our Great Point Light on Nantucket, we wait for the sound of his plane. He has never missed a Christmas…at least, not yet

For Kate, life at the Great Point Lighthouse on Nantucket Island can be exciting, full of stormy seas and even shipwrecks. But it can also be lonely, with only her mother, father, and brother Sam to keep her company. Now it’s Christmas Eve, and Kate waits in her lighthouse as a blizzard threatens to ruin this most special day. For as long as she can remember, the Lighthouse Santa has dropped presents from his airplane for all the lighthouse keepers’ children. But will his plane make it through hurricane winds and blinding snow? Sam says it is impossible, but Kate has been keeping a secret Christmas wish all year long, and she will not give up hope.

Based on the Christmas flights of Edward Rowe Snow, hero to lighthouse children for almost fifty years, The Lighthouse Santa has all the elements of a true Christmas classic: light, love, wonder, and the power of one child’s faith to shine through darkness. From the midst of the howling storm to her own soaring flight with the Lighthouse Santa, Kate must cling to her father’s promise that “Nothing is impossible on Christmas Eve in a lighthouse.”

The Turkeybird Soars: “Santa in an airplane! Wow! I thought he only had a sleigh and reindeer, but in this book he flies a plane and throws gifts out of the windows. Crazy, huh?!

“It gets a little scary when there’s a big accident and they have to search for Santa in a blizzard. Good for Santa that the little girl’s Dad goes looking for him and brings him back to get warm. In the end the girl finally gets her Christmas wish and gets to meet Santa! It’s amazing!”

Mom’s Two Cents: It’s Christmas time again and Kate wants a very special gift this year. When a terrible storm threatens to take away the possibility of even a fly-by from jolly St. Nick her wishes may not come true, but Kate doesn’t give up hope. In the true spirit of Christmas what begins as a tale about gifts and wanting turns into a heartwarming story about helping others. The Lighthouse Santa brings hope to those who shine the way for those lost at sea.

In a season where gift giving is at an all time high sharing the true meaning of Christmas can often be more challenging than fighting crowds of shoppers, or in this case…a blizzard. I’d never heard the story of the Lighthouse Santa before reading this delightful picture book and it certainly brings a different feeling to the image of Santa. It’s easy to pass off Santa as someone who isn’t real, especially when you consider he normally follows a sleigh of flying reindeer. In this case, being that it’s based on a true story, it’s easier to relate a feeling of service to the image of Santa which I believe was the initial intention behind the story of Santa. The Lighthouse Santa brings gifts to the lighthouse families that light the way for so many sailors out at sea and often risks his own peril to bring others joy. It’s a wonderful message of service and giving that young children will appreciate more and more the older they get.

As for the actual story within the pages of The Lighthouse Santa I’d have to say I enjoyed it a great deal. Obviously the message was wonderful and many of the illustrations are quite delightful. If I had any problems with the book it would be that I believe the intended audience may be a little young to appreciate all of the text within it’s pages. At times both of my children would get up and wander away because the text ran a bit longer than most picture books we read. That’s not to say it’s written poorly, because it’s not, it just may need a bit of modification for younger readers or simply an older audience. Otherwise, this is a fantastic book during this holiday season and one we’ll continue bring out year after year.

Share the true spirit of Christmas with young readers as you turn the pages of The Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter. Filled with delightful illustrations and characters that children will easily relate to, this is a story that takes the attention off the monetary aspects of the season and focuses on service & giving. Based on the true story of Edward Rowe Snow, parents and educators will also be happy to share a bit of a history lesson with young Christmas fans. The Lighthouse Santa is a wonderful picture book that helps to refocus readers on the true meaning of the season, bringing a sense hope and happiness to readers everywhere.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 6 to 10. A story based in reality that brings the meaning of the holiday season home. Best for older readers with a bit longer attention span, but easily adaptable for younger readers as well.

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  1. Lori says:

    I look forward to getting a copy of this book! It sounds like one we would like to have on the shelves- additionally my son-in-law is a pilot and loves all things airplanes, so I think he would love to share this book with his boys (when they are a bit older) too!!

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