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The Story of Christmas: Text based on the King James Version and Illustrations by Pamela Dalton
Published by Chronicle Books
Pages: 32
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Publishers Summmary:

Pamela Dalton’s exquisite, intricate scissor-cut illustrations wonderfully illuminate The Story of Christmas. Deeply reverent, richly detailed, and teeming with life, Dalton’s images follow the story of the Nativity from the appearance of the Angel, to the shepherds who came from the fields, and to the three wise men who followed the star to pay respect for their new king. Working in a Pennsylvania-German folk-art tradition, rich with lovingly rendered animals and figures, Pamela Dalton has created a book that takes a deserved place among the finest celebrations of Christmas.

Turkeybird and Littlebug Snuggle In: “Christmas is so so neat! We both can’t wait to get all of those neat presents and be super silly all day in our jammies. But mom and dad said that we will also be going to church on Christmas. (Isn’t that kind of funny? We may try and sneak in a couple of toys!)

“This book is all about why we have Christmas and the pictures are so pretty. We really like the pictures of the baby Jesus and all the angels. Mom said that we have Christmas because it’s to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, which seems super super neat to us. This was a very quiet book, but we both really liked seeing what Christmas is all about.”

Mom’s Two Cents: Told through the eyes and hands of the talented illustrator Pamela Dalton, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ comes to life in the pages of this gorgeous picture book.

Pamela Dalton’s illustrated telling of The Story of Christmas is what I would consider a rare find. This is a story that is the crux of most Christian beliefs yet finding a version of the story that is appealing to both children and adults can be a daunting task. Often picture book versions of the story are much more cartoon in nature making them much too young for older readers and more mature versions of the story become quite boring for small children. Pairing the story with Pamela Dalton’s beautiful artwork was a brilliant idea. Not only does the story come to life, but it reaches a far broader audience than most versions have in the past.

Through this version of The Story of Christmas readers follow along with the text from the King James version of the Bible as Pamela Dalton’s gorgeous and intricate art bring the story to life. Our family will be reading this version for many years to come as it has quickly become a family favorite and I’m certain that other families in search of a high quality yet accurate portrayal of this important part of Christianity will love it as well.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 and up. The beauty of the Bible story of Jesus’ birth coupled with gorgeous illustrations that young and old will appreciate. Perfect for the Christmas season.

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