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Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm by Benji Davies
Published by Nosy Crow
Pages: 8
Ages: 1 and up
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Publishers Summmary:

Push and pull the sliders!
Introducing Bizzy Bear, the busiest bear on the block! With chunky sliders to push and pull, these robust little board books are perfect for active toddlers. Rich in visual detail and with touches of humor, they are set to become firm favorites in the family library. Bizzy Bear’s off to lend a hand on the farm. Toddlers can help him count the ducks, feed the goats, and f ind the eggs before he waves bye-bye.

Littlebug Crows: “Bizzy Bear is the best! It would be super neat to work on a farm all day with all the animals everywhere. My favoritest would be the kitty I think, but the doggies and the cows are neat too.

“Oh! I think the rooster is the funnest page! He pops up and then you see the baby chickies, the mouse and the mamma chickens. At the very end the farmer waves goodbye on his tractor. Bizzy Bear is super cute and his day on the farm is the bestest!”

Mom’s Two Cents: Bizzy Bear is ready for a day on the farm! He’s planning to visit the ducks, feed the sheep, collect the eggs and have a fun day around all of the animals that can be found in this exciting place. Follow along and move the pieces as Bizzy Bear spends his day having fun on the farm.

Before I knew these were interactive board books I fell in love with Bizzy Bear. Isn’t his little face simply adorable?! The illustrations for this series happen to be one of my absolute favorites and they’re so appealing to little kiddos. When the first two books arrived Littlebug was instantly in love with Bizzy Bear. She pulled and pushed and watched as he made his way around the farm and it’s inhabitants. It was wonderful to see her interact with the book almost before I had any opportunity to even do so myself and once we could sit down and read it together her face just lit up.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm board book is it’s actual sturdiness. That may seem odd, but if you’ve ever been around a destructive toddler the last thing you want to give them is an incentive to rip a book apart by providing things to pull on. Well, in the case of the Bizzy Bear board book series the quality is so impeccable that it’s extremely difficult for a toddler to rip it apart, not to mention they most likely won’t want to because they’ll enjoy it so much. That being said, they may still rip and pull but hopefully they’ll only manage to pull the ducks out, “one, two, three.

Bizzy Bear: Fun on the Farm by Benji Davies is another delightful title from publisher Nosy Crow that will have toddlers giggling with joy and parents enamored with a very cuddly looking character. An interactive day on the farm with pull, push and turn tabs made in such a way that strong toddlers will have a difficult time pulling apart, makes this not only a visually appealing read but physically fun as well. Bizzy Bear is just the sort of character toddlers love to interact with and carry with them where ever they go. This is a fun day on the farm that won’t be soon forgotten and certainly one to be shared with the little ones in your life!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 1 to 3. Introduce your toddlers to an interactive push & pull series they won’t soon forget. Perfect for “little paws”!

Here’s a look at this delightful book as it’s read to two young kiddos:

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Also available as a marvelous iPad & iPhone app! Look for our review of that coming in the next couple of days!

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9 Responses to Book Review: Bizzy Bear – Fun on the Farm by Benji Davies

  1. Allison says:

    Thanks for weighing in on the quality of this board book! My one year old has recently gotten hooked on lift-the-flap books, but she also has the strength of the Incredible Hulk, so… yeah… 🙂 Good to know this one holds up! It looks adorable.

  2. RT @the1stdaughter: Off now,but don’t miss our #review of the adorable Bizzy Bear:Fun on the Farm by @Benji_Davies! (@NosyCrow @Candlewick)

  3. Raquel says:

    I love the sturdiness of those books!

  4. RT @the1stdaughter: Off now,but don’t miss our #review of the adorable Bizzy Bear:Fun on the Farm by @Benji_Davies! (@NosyCrow @Candlewick)

  5. Jeremy says:

    For me, Children’s book must be fun to read, colorful and must have the lesson to be learned by children. i think this book have it all.

  6. Gabriellie says:

    This children’s book is really cute..Kids will enjoy to read this…Thank you for sharing more parents will like to buy for their children..

  7. PragmaticMom says:

    I love interactive books for toddlers. Such fun! This looks like a good one!

  8. Book Review: Bizzy Bear – Fun on the Farm by Benji Davies

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