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Noodle Loves Bedtime by Nosy Crow and Illustrations by Marion Billet
Published by Nosy Crow
Pages: 10
Ages: 1 and up.
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Publishers Summmary:

With Touch and Feels for little paws!
Say hi to Noodle, a brand-new character for babies and toddlers! Busy, inquisitive, and cute as a button, Noodle just loves to have fun. This series of bright, robust touch-and-feel board books with simple rhyming texts provides plenty of details for parent and child to talk about and explore. Follow Noodle through his bedtime routine: splashing in the bath, drinking milk, and cuddling up with fluffy lamb. Familiar and reassuring, with lots of detail to point out and name.

Littlebug Loves Noodle: “Did you know that Noodle and me like all the same things?! It’s so neat! One of my very favoritest parts of the day is bedtime and Noodle likes it too. He likes to take a bath and that’s the best because you get to go swimming! Noodle also has a fluffy sheep and gets a drink before bed. But the neatest part of Noodle going to bed is when he brushes his teeth! The toothpaste in the book is sticky! It’s so so neat!

“Noodle is my very most favoritest because he likes to sleep just like I do! He’s the best!”

Mom’s Two Cents: It’s bedtime! For Noodle that means taking a bath, getting a drink, brushing his teeth and getting tucked into bed with his favorite fluffy sheep by his wonderful mommy. Toddlers will love to follow along as Noodle does many of the very same things they do at bedtime.

Again, another huge hit in the Noodle series! Noodle Loves Bedtime is one of those books that has “gone missing” in our home numerous times only to be discovered tucked away with a neat stack of two or three other of Littlebug’s favorite reads in her reading spot. This isn’t at all surprising to me because the second it arrived in our home she was instantly in love. Noodle is a character much like Littlebug; he’s at that toddler age where everything is new and exciting but still needs a bit of reassurance from a loving mom. It’s this that will immediately attract other young readers and will most likely become an instant hit in the homes of toddlers everywhere.

Noodle Loves Bedtime is another tactile adventure as well and much like Noodle Loves to Cuddle it doesn’t fail to impress. Coming from a mom with a very destruction little girl I’m often weary of books with small openings or crevasses where little fingers can reach in and rip the pages apart. When I first opened the pages of Noodle Loves Bedtime I was instantly worried because I was so in love with the illustrations and story, but what I didn’t anticipate was how much Littlebug would love it as well. It’s that connection, I believe, that has her cherishing these marvelous books. What’s wonderful about that is that she’s able to enjoy the fun tactile aspects she loves so much without me worrying that she’ll destroy them at any minute. Our favorite by far is the toothpaste page in which the actual toothpaste is sticky, and still is after months of touching! It’s hilarious, fun and especially excited for young readers.

If there is a toddler in your life than you simply must have Noodle Loves Bedtime as well as the other Noodle books by Nosy Crow. In this edition you follow the delightful panda Noodle as he gets ready for that all important time of day, bedtime! This would be a perfect “going to bed” book in addition to being a marvelously interactive book for tactile learners. Our family simply could not be without our Noodle Loves books and Noodle Loves Bedtime is certainly a favorite I recommend to young readers everywhere!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 6 months to 4 years. A delightfully engaging bedtime book for tactile toddlers that will be an instant favorite!

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