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Here’s a Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters and Illustrated by Polly Dunbar

Sit back and savor a superb collection of more than sixty poems by a wide range of talented writers, from Margaret Wise Brown to Gertrude Stein, Langston Hughes to A. A. Milne. Greeting the morning, enjoying the adventures of the day, cuddling up to a cozy bedtime — these are poems that highlight the moments of a toddler’s world from dawn to dusk. Carefully gathered by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters and delightfully illustrated by Polly Dunbar, HERE’S A LITTLE POEM offers a comprehensive introduction to some remarkable poets, even as it captures a very young child’s intense delight in the experiences and rituals of every new day.

This exuberant celebration of poetry is an essential book for every young one’s library and a georgeous gift to be both shared and treasured.

For our family it’s all about the illustrations in this one. Polly Dunbar is fabulous and if you haven’t read her Tilly & Friends series I’d highly encourage you to! We’ve reviewed that entire series and loved every single one. Polly also has an adorable website you simply must check out!

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5 Responses to The Year of the Picture Book – Here’s a Little Poem by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters

  1. The Year of the Picture Book – Here’s a Little Poem by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters:
    Here’s a Lit… #kidlit

  2. Allisha says:

    I love reading books..This post really useful to me..Thanks for sharing..Looking forward to buy some of this kind of book..

  3. Gina says:

    Another great pick Danielle! Again, loving the cover art and how the balloon also works as the sun while the little girl merrily skips along. Can definitely see this capturing the eye of young readers…

  4. PragmaticMom says:

    What a great idea. I feel like I never read poetry to my kids but to do this when they are young is such a great idea. And I LOVE Jane Yolen!

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