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No Bears by Meg McKinlay and Illustrated by Leila Rudge
Published by Candlewick Press
Pages: 32
Ages: 3-6
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Publishers Summary:

Ella wants to tell you a story – a story with absolutely no bears. You don’t need bears for a book. You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles and maybe funny things and exciting things. In Ella’s kind of story, there are no bears in the village or the castle or the deep dark forest or faraway lands. But there might be . . . a monster! Riffing on well-known fairy-tale themes, this fun, offbeat story is perfectly matched by playful illustrations with a running visual joke that will keep even bear lovers smiling.
Ella is in charge of this book, and she will tell you something right now. There are NO BEARS in it. Not even one.

Littlebug and Turkeybird Make Things Up: Once upon a time there were no bears! No bears and a big monster! Haha! This is one of the best best best books ever! We both love it so much we started making our own stories up and making movies of them. Mom tried to put them up but it didn’t work for some reason.

We always like to pretend about castles and fairy godmothers with magic dust & wands. One thing we always say is that there are no bears in this book, but mom keeps telling us there is a big bear hiding somewhere. We don’t believe her. There are no bears! Only a happily ever after and a princess who tells a super fun story!

Mom’s Two Cents: Books filled with bears! That’s all Ella can find and she’s sick of it! Her last resort and only solution…create her own book without any bears and a happily ever after fit for a princess. Is it possible though that her book is being sneakily guided by the one thing she detests? Ella’s happily ever after ends with a twist that will leave readers in stitches and possibly even making up their own stories that may or may not be filled with bears.

No Bears by Meg McKinlay has turned out to be one of our absolute favorite picture books this year! Firstly I must say that I personally adore the illustrations done by Leila Rudge. Without any doubt in my mind this is the perfect blend of story and illustration, one without the other would simply not be the same and definitely have a different feeling entirely. Rudge’s delightfully whimsical characters bring to life McKinlay’s unique and often quite hilarious story. In the matter of a few weeks our family has fallen in love with the little bear that pokes his head out here and there. This is absolutely a picture book where both the illustrations and the story stand out above so many others.

One of the most appealing aspects of the book is also the way it lends itself to a young reader’s imagination. Like Littlebug and Turkeybird mentioned, from the first time we started reading No Bears they started making up their own “fairytales”. It’s been one of the neatest things to hear! Usually they go away for a few minutes with their iPhone and just as I begin to wonder what they’re up to they come out with an entire “story” recorded. (I really did try to get it off the phone, but I still can’t figure it out!) Of course, many of their new fairytales include monsters, princesses, fairy godmothers and absolutely no bears! Within the pages of this adorable little story about a girl on a mission to create her own fairytale free of bears a new world has opened up and more creativity is pouring out of both of my kiddos.

No Bears by Meg McKinlay is a brilliantly unique story about a little girl with a huge imagination and with no room for bears. Illustrated by the talented Leila Rudge, the characters come to life as you follow the journey of a monster in search of a princess to read him a story. As you turn the pages you begin to see that this little girl, Ella, is perhaps a bit misguided in her dislike of this very helpful creature and as this particular bear helps out readers won’t be able to resist a giggle here and there. No Bears is by far our favorite picture book this year! Both Littlebug and Turkeybird have gained so much by reading it and have no doubt begun their own collections of fairytales to be read on a rainy day. We can’t wait to see what else the marvelous duo of Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge bring us in the future, no doubt it will be well worth the wait!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 to 8. Read and watch as young mind’s creativity and imagination expand before your very eyes. A hilarious tale for young and old alike!

Activity Kit for No Bears (Opens directly to PDF)

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Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge have also recently worked together to create the chapter book Duck For a Day! I’ll be sharing a review shortly!

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  1. Brien27 says:

    thanks for sharing your review its inspired me to read it..Keep on posting

  2. Oh this sounds so cute and I love that your little ones were inspired to create their own fairytales.

  3. Shanel says:

    No Bears sound really interesting. I am hungry to have the book. Great review.

  4. Corby says:

    No Bears book review is very interesting, thanks for sharing this with us… fairy-tale themes is really fun…

  5. Gina says:

    Looks like fun and I love the running joke aspect….assumedly with the bear. ^_^ Also sounds like a great way to entice kids to explore their imaginations with their familiar “once upon a times” won’t due. Great review!

  6. Liz says:

    I love fairytales, and I found your book interesting.” No bears ” I can’t wait to read. Thanks for the review.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Everyone wanted a fairy tale themes, No Bears book review is really interesting…

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