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I’m Here by Peter H. Reynolds

I’m here.
And you’re there.
And that’s okay.
maybe there will be a gentle wind that pulls us together.
And then I’ll be here and you’ll be here, too.

Pure, powerful and deceptively simple, bestselling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds reminds us that children—and the friendships they make—can take flight in unexpected ways.

Peter H. Reynolds is more than an amazing illustrator and storyteller, but until I happened upon this particular book I had no idea. Having read numerous books of his including The Dot, Ish, Plant A Kiss, countless Judy Moody books and more I hadn’t ever encountered his “business” side or his blog. I’d highly encourage anyone interested in the future of our youth and the creative potential they possess to take a look at his website and especially his blog. To be honest, after reading many of his blog entries I was in tears. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to read through.

Also, another thing to be aware of is his creative endeavor Draw On! which begins March 24th and continues to April 7th. Do check out the Draw On! website to see if there’s anyway you can get involved!

Now, this is obviously not a review of I’m Here (I’ll be back with that soon), but I have to share this one quote from the book. For myself, this quote means the world and even more so because of my children:

For the world you may be one person,
but for one person – you may be the world.

(I’m Here by Peter H. Reynolds)

Please take a minute and watch the beautiful book trailer for I’m Here by Peter H. Reynolds and learn more about the inspiration behind the book including ways to help autism research:

Pick Up I’m Here by Peter H. Reynolds:

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4 Responses to The Year of the Picture Book – I’m Here by Peter H. Reynolds

  1. Oh my! This sound so positively lovely. I love the idea of using this to teach a child that distance between loved ones is ok sometimes (like with grandmas).

  2. Julia Young says:

    Thanks for this great post on Peter H. Reynolds’ book “I’m Here”! I work at FableVision Learning, Peter’s educational publishing company. Just wanted to let you know that we recently published a free Educator’s Activity Guide, which is downloadable at our website:

    Hope you enjoy it! Thanks again for spreading the word about Peter’s work.

    • You’re so welcome! I’ll definitely check out the Activity Guide. I frequently share them with my readers, because many of them happen to be teachers or librarians who love to share them with their students. So thank you!

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