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Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin
Published by Peachtree Publishers
Pages: 234
Ages: 9-12
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Publishers Summary:

A move from an impoverished tenement to an unfinished suburban development turns thirteen-year-old Socko’s world inside out.

It’s summer vacation, and Socko and his best friend Damien are hanging around the Kludge apartments, taking care to avoid the local gang members. When Socko’s great-grandfather suddenly offers to buy a house in the suburbs, Socko’s mom jumps at the chance to leave the bad neighborhood. Socko hates to leave Damien behind, but they pack up their few belongings and move to Moon Ridge Estates.

Nothing there is even remotely what Socko had imagined – Moon Ridge is a lonely wasteland of half-finished houses. Socko tries to make the best of a bad situation, hopping on his skateboard to explore the empty streets that are now his private domain.

Constructing new lives will involve taking some risks, but in time a ragtag community begins to rally around the struggling development. With humor and heart, Adrian Fogelin weaves a timely story of loyalty, family, community, and economic hardship.

Escape. For a kid in an inner city that’s also infested with gangs determined to have your loyalty, escape can be something you long for your whole life. So why is it that when this very wish is granted Socko is anything but thrilled? Taking on the responsibility of an elderly great grandparent he’s never met is one reason, but leaving behind the friends and only life he’s known are an even bigger part of the equation. What happens to “your family” when you abandon them for the sprawling landscapes of suburban life? Socko finds out as he discovers it’s easier to say you’ll leave your old life behind than to commit to it in your new life.

Adrian Fogelin is a tremendously talented author not only because of her ability to write and create realistic soul-filled characters, but also her grasp on an existence that many of us will never experience in our lifetime. Summer on the Moon was a surprise for me. From the cover and title I wasn’t sure whether to expect a book about gangs or one about skateboarders. Either would have been fine, but what I appreciated about Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin was that there was more to it than a simple straightforward idea. This was a story about overcoming and achieving goals, but also a story friendship and family of all kinds.

There were moments during Summer on the Moon that were definitely gripping and saddening, it wouldn’t be a book about a kid from the ghetto if there weren’t. What I appreciated more though was that those moments and much of the rest of the story were driven by Socko’s thoughts and concerns for those he loved. Many of the situations he found himself in were in an attempt to help someone he cared about. Most of the people surrounding Socko made choices based on a desire to live or help the family members closest to them live. Socko’s desire to do the right thing and overcome the obstacles placed before him at many times were at odds with this and those around him, including his own mother. Fortunately, in the end his courage finally caught up with his actions and he’s finally able to find the family he’s longed for.

Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin is a story of survival, hope, overcoming obstacles and finding family. In the space of very few pages Adrian Fogelin has created a strong male leading character that shines through his vulnerabilities and concern for others. Socko begins his summer in his home in the inner city but ends it in a world far away. Along his journey he makes mistakes and loses hope, but he also makes new friends and eventually discovers there’s more to the world than the inner city he was born in. This was a wonderful story, one I’m positive young readers will thoroughly enjoy and learn from!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 9-16. Perfect reading for teens, especially those struggling with life in general. A story filled with hope and courage.


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3 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin

  1. PragmaticMom says:

    Sounds like a gritty book but I love an uplifting ending. Did you read The Final Four? Also a ghetto story with a NCAA basketball twist. Also very good

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful review! Socko, Delia, Damien and the General are thrilled too.

    This book was a pleasure to write and I really miss the characters now that the story has come to an end. I’m convinced that this is why writers add sequels–they miss their characters and wonder what they are up to. I might have to check on Socko later…

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