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Aoki {and} Yumi by Annelore Parot
Published by Chronicle Books
Pages: 48
Ages: 4-8

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Publishers Summary for Aoki by Annelore Parot:

Meet Aoki! She may be the smallest Kokeshi, but Aoki’s infectious enthusiasm can make anyone laugh. On her whirlwind trip to Tokyo, she will ride a high-speed train, dance under cherry blossom trees, and visit a zen garden. With sneak-peek flaps, fun die-cuts, and lavish gatefolds, this interactive exploration will enchant Kokeshi fans of all sizes!

Littlebug Gets Giggly: Aoki and Yumi are my very very very most favoritest! They both have so much fun with all their fun friends and I really love PoPo the bestest. My mom asked me if I like Aoki or Yumi more, but I told her I love them both but not always on the same days. Sometimes I will ask my mom to read me Aoki’s book over and over, but sometimes I like to have her read me Yumi’s book. The other day I couldn’t find Yumi’s book because I’d hidden it in a super secret hiding reading spot that no one knows about…shhhh!

These are the very bestest books ever! There are lots of new words to learn and lots of fun things to lift up. All of the costumes and clothes they wear are so neat too! My mom said there are more books and fun things that go with these books so I’m hoping she’ll get me more soon. Until then, I think I will just try to dream about lots of fun Kokeshi coming to play for the day.

Oyasuminasai! (That means Good night!)

Mom’s Two Cents: Aoki and Yumi are two Kokeshi in the wonderful country of Japan. Their adventures take them on incredibly fast trains to Tokyo, costume parties, amazing stores, watching the cherry blossoms blooming and more. Each page turned brings the possibility of learning a new word and discovering an amazing new place or custom that readers will adore. These lift and flap books are much more than they appear at first glance and are guaranteed to have a reader’s imagination come to life as they explore the world of the Kokeshi!

Adorable. Without a doubt that would be the first adjective I’d use to describe these fantastic new children’s books. When Aoki and Yumi first arrived in our home last month I knew by glancing at their covers they would be a huge hit in our home, but especially with Littlebug. I’d go so far as saying these are her favorite books, hands down. Not only do the illustrations instantly appeal to her (and me), but the flaps inside create an interactive experience she can enjoy independently as well as while being read to. Add to those things the opportunity to learn new words from another language and Littlebug was and still is absolutely head over heels for these marvelous new books! As for me, I’m hooked as well. I’ve even found myself sorting through the stationary available that accompanies the series to purchase not only for myself, but for Littlebug to use…I think it would be a wonderful way to encourage her to start writing more!

Aoki and Yumi are two in the wonderful new Kokeshi series by Annelore Parot. Though Parot herself is a current resident of France it’s evident through these gorgeously illustrated picture books that she’s a world traveler. Her incorporation of the Japanese language is extremely fun and useful, but not overbearing. This is definitely one I’d recommend to those working with kiddos learning about other cultures, that may be incorporating basic words from the Japanese language and definitely those looking for a fun learning adventure. As you travel along with Aoki and Yumi readers won’t be able to contain their smiles as they flip open hidden surprises found within many of the pages. The Kokeshi series by Annelore Parot is an absolute favorite in our home and I have no doubt it will be in the homes and schools it makes its way into in the future!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 to 8. A wonderful introduction into the world of the Kokeshi as well as some basic words and customs found in the Japanese culture. In our home this was definitely a book Littlebug fell in love cover to cover while Turkeybird focused primarily on the interactive portions and learning aspects.

Kokeshi Activity Pages!

Find Aoki by Annelore Parot at the following spots:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | Goodreads

Find Yumi by Annelore Parot at the following spots:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | Goodreads

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7 Responses to Book Review: Aoki {and} Yumi by Annelore Parot

  1. Gina says:

    So glad to hear Littlebug loved them so! Me…I love the simple yet beautiful artwork. Great share you guys…. ^_^

  2. Oh my word. How flipping precious!

  3. Em says:

    I don’t know anyone young enough to enjoy these stories, but when I do I’m going shopping. 🙂

  4. PragmaticMom says:

    I thought they looked like those traditional Japanese dolls. I had two growing up; my mother is Japanese. The books look wonderful. I will have to get them for my girls though they are a tad old for them as a way to connect them to their heritage.

    • I’m almost positive that was her intention, basing them off those traditional dolls. They’re adorable! Your girls will absolutely love them, even if they are a bit older. 😉

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