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Laundry Day by Maurie J. Manning

In a picture book that blends realism and fantasy, a shoeshine boy is surprised when a piece of red silk falls from the sky. Trying to find its owner, he ventures up and down fire escapes, back and forth across clotheslines, and into the company of the colorfully diverse people who live in the tenement. Lively pages laid out in multiple panels, with a few words of text in dialogue balloons, capture the exhilarating action, and foreign language phrases are translated on the endpapers. There is a cheerful side to a neighborhood packed with people of different origins—the opportunity to make friends across race lines, culture lines, and clotheslines!

Laundry Day by Maurie J. Manning was mentioned yesterday by the lovely Ame Dyckman on Twitter and I’m so glad she did! I love the premise and the illustrations are gorgeous! This is definitely one to put on your to-pick-up lists. It’s on ours for sure! And you’re in luck, it was just released yesterday and should be on the shelves of your local bookstore and/or library. If not, ask for it!

Pick Up Laundry Day by Maurie J. Manning:

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4 Responses to The Year of the Picture Book – Laundry Day by Maurie J. Manning

  1. Its so pretty! I can’t wait for your review.

  2. Jen says:

    I love this book, the ending really makes it. It’s like a turn-of-the-century Parkour too, lots of movement.

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