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Stay Close to Mama by Toni Buzzeo and Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
Published by Hyperion Books for Children
Pages: 32
Ages: 1-5
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Publishers Summary:

In the wide, shining world there is so much to see, and little Twiga is so curious. But Twiga’s tall, tall mama wants her baby to stay close, stay safe from the dangers that lurk near each irresistible smell, musical sound, and glittering sight that Twiga finds.

With lyrical text and enchanting illustrations set on the African savanna, this story about a baby giraffe’s need to explore and his mother’s desire to protect will delight readers of all ages.

Littlebug Loves Her Mama: Bestest book ever to read with my mama! She says that I do lots and lots of things like the giraffe in this book and it scares her a lot like it probably scares his mama. But I don’t remember ever jumping into a puddle with a crocodile! That would just be super silly.

Giraffes are the very neatest animals I think too. They have really really long necks and they eat fun fruit, just like I do! In the back of the book my mama said it says that giraffes never take baths. That’s so silly! I love taking baths! She said that they like looking for things a lot too and I think that’s neat because I like looking around for lots of things all the time.

Twiga is a lot like me and I really like his book! Most of all when my mama reads it to me!

Mom’s Two Cents: A bright sunny day on the savanna and Twiga, with Mama looking on, is enjoying an adventure of his own making. While racing from fruit trees to the sounds of the nature around him his Mama watches continually reminding him to stay safe while danger lurks under his nose. Twiga’s journey continues, much like human toddlers, as he effortlessly escapes danger after danger only to return to the loving arms of his Mama at the end of the day.

Without any doubt in my mind this is the perfect book for this time of year! With Mother’s Day only a few days away it has been truly enjoyable to read this with Littlebug and share with her my trepidation and excitement at all the adventures ahead of her. The story of Twiga and his Mama is one I know mother’s and grandmother’s everywhere will relate to. That sense that you know you must send your children out into a sometimes dangerous world so that they can experience everything life has to offer, but all the while wishing and hoping that they’ll return safely home. Obviously as humans we don’t have many of the immediate threats of the dangerous animals of the African savanna, but there are definite parallels that can be drawn and shared with the kiddos we love.

One of the other wonderful aspects of the story are the illustrations. It’s possible that with the wrong set of illustrations the story could be quite alarming to young readers (which I don’t believe is the intention of the writer at all), but fortunately the talented Mike Wohnoutka perfectly translated the beautiful words Toni Buzzeo created within Stay Close to Mama. Having never physically visited Africa I’m not sure what it would be like other than my limited experience watching documentaries about the country. That being said I’ve always imagined it being breezy, but warm in the savanna and you can clearly see that through Mike Wohnoutka’s illustrations.

Stay Close to Mama by Toni Buzzeo is a beautiful picture book for young adventurous readers. Twiga’s journey takes him in the path of danger on numerous occasions, but in every case he narrowly escapes to move on to another great adventure. All the while his Mama looks on quietly whispering “Stay close, stay safe“. Parents, grandparents and mothers especially will easily relate to the hesitancy within Twiga’s Mama’s words and eyes. This is a tender, but adventurous journey that will be cherished for years to come.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 1 to 6. Teach young children the importance of listening to their parents, but also the joy in striking out on daily adventures. Beautifully told and illustrated.

Click on the image above for a pdf file to make your very own Stay Close to Mama Mother’s Day Card!


The wonderful folks at Hyperion Books for Children we are able to offer one autographed copy of the book for giveaway! Thank you!

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  1. This looks so totally presh. I am such a sucker for mama & baby books.

  2. Rebot says:

    I just read her other book One Cool Friend last week and loved it. I wonder how this book will compare!

  3. this looks so sweet. thank you for the contest.

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