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A Gold Star for Zog by Julia Donaldson and Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

The ultimate back-to-school quest from bestsellers Donaldson and Scheffler

What do dragons learn at Madam Dragon’s school?
How to fly. . .
How to roar. . .
How to breathe fire!

Zog is the most eager student in the class, but he’s also the most accident-prone. With each test (and each bump, bruise, or scrape), his dream of earning a gold star seems further away than ever.

But a mysterious girl keeps coming to his rescue. And when Zog faces his toughest test yet, she may be just the person to help Zog win classroom glory!

The beloved creators of ROOM ON THE BROOM, THE GRUFFALO, and STICK MAN are back with this tale of an unexpected hero who’s good as gold.

Our household was initially introduced to this dynamic duo of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler through Scheffler’s recently published series, Pip and Posy from Nosy Crow. Everything about Axel’s illustrations and his characters makes children light up with excitement and want to read more and more. From there we moved on to the very popular and well written picture book The Gruffalo which is the same team of Donaldson and Scheffler that now brings this new story, A Gold Star for Zog. We’re truly looking forward to reading this one and would love to hear if you’ve seen it out and about yet? For those of you that have seen it, what did you think?

If you haven’t yet I’d also highly recommend visiting both The Gruffalo website as well as the Pip and Posy website! Both are absolutely adorable and perfect for young kiddos wanting more interaction with these fantastic stories. Be warned though, both sites have sound that may catch you off gaurd if you aren’t prepared (me). And be sure to read our reviews of Pip and Posy and the Little Puddle as well as Pip and Posy and the Super Scooter, we loved them!

Pick Up A Gold Star for Zog by Julia Donaldson and Illustrated by Axel Scheffler Here:

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Interested in learning more about our feature “The Year of the Picture Book“? Please check out our opening post and be sure to leave your recommendations as well as links on that post. Thank you so much for your participation!

One Response to The Year of the Picture Book – A Gold Star for Zog by Julia Donaldson

  1. V(Bookborne) says:

    How fun! Perhaps a good read for a little girl who’s starting school this fall. We love the Gruffalo books, so I’m very excited to see another title by the same author 🙂

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