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Tons of Trucks by Sue Fliess and Illustrated by Betsy Snyder

Who couldn’t use a new truck book? I know we are always on the lookout for a new take on the Turkeybird’s favorite thing, trucks. This is another great interactive board book that I’m certain kiddos are going to love. I know we’re looking forward to reading and re-reading this new little gem.

Love this adorable book trailer for Tons of Trucks as well:

Pick Up Tons of Trucks by Sue Fliess and Illustrated by Betsy Snyder:

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Interested in learning more about our feature “The Year of the Picture Book“? Please check out our opening post and be sure to leave your recommendations as well as links on that post. Thank you so much for your participation!

6 Responses to The Year of the Picture Book – Tons of Trucks by Sue Fliess

  1. Congratulations Sue!!

  2. Gina says:

    Adorable cover…and you’re absolutely right! Little ones can ALWAYS use another truck book. Definitely be using this one for recommendations. Thanks for the great feature!

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