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Cat Tale by Michael Hall

From word to word they find their way, Lillian, Tilly, and William J.
Like this:
They spot some ewes.
They use a box.
They box some fleas.
And flee a steer . . .
First they see, then they do.
The only thing missing? You!
Come join the fun.
Michael Hall’s inquisitive cats set out to spend the afternoon snacking and reading, but wind up chasing words, including homophones and homonyms, on a silly tongue twister of an adventure!

Our family absolutely adores Michael Hall’s books. We’ve reviewed his book Perfect Square and even featured his other book, My Heart is Like a Zoo, but now there is a new one, Cat Tale! Not only do I adore the creativity Hall’s books inspire, but now that he’s combined it with cats I’m completely sold. I’ll have a full review soon, including the kiddos take on it, but until then just know we’ve been loving it!

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One Response to The Year of the Picture Book – Cat Tale by Michael Hall

  1. Gina says:

    That cover is adorable and I love the texture it conveys…looks like you could just reach out and pet the kitty! AS for the rhymes, who doesn’t like fun and simple rhyming? Great pick.

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