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Magic Box by Katie Cleminson

For Eva, a young girl with a lively imagintation, a seemingly ordinary box becomes a portal to a magical, wonder-filled world. Eva wishes for a pet. She reaches into her magic box and pulls out Monty. But he’s not quite what she had in mind. (He’s a polar bear.) What else might be in the magic box? A colony of festive rabbits, some delicious food, and a band of the very best musicians (including a sax-playing leopard) The party is officially on Once everyone has danced their socks off, Eva clicks her fingers to make everything vanish. Well, not quite everything… Katie Cleminson’s lively and fanciful illustrations are the perfect vehicle to convey the transformative power of a young child’s imagination.

Who doesn’t love magic? This is one I came across when I discovered Katie Cleminson’s Otto the Book Bear, which is adorable and one any book lover should absolutely enjoy. I’m in love with Katie’s illustrations and the gorgeous animals she incorporates in each of her stories and this is no exception. Definitely one to put on the to-read list!

It’s always interesting to me to discover different versions of the same picture book. In the case of Magic Box it was originally Box of Tricks and remains that in the UK. I actually love all of the covers along with the illustrations, what I wonder is how different the interior spreads are, if they are at all? It would be fun to compare I think!

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5 Responses to The Year of the Picture Book – Magic Box by Katie Cleminson

  1. Zoe says:

    ah yes… Katie Cleminson’s art is fabulous. Perhaps we should get together regularly to compare US/US versions of things – think it would be v interesting to look at editorial choices… shall we get our thinking hats on?

    • I think that sounds like an excellent idea! I’d love to do a US vs UK version. It’s always fascinating to me what they keep and what they add. Loving this idea! 🙂

      • Zoe says:

        Okeydoke, will keep my eyes out for possible candidates. One that comes to mind straight away is the new Mini Grey – Toys in Space. It came out here just a couple of days ago (I believe it’s not yet out in the States). Might also be a question to put to the people who send us books – they may well know the books which get changed on either side of the pond and be able to point us in the right direction.

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