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Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser and Illustrated by Benji Davies
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages: 40
Ages: 3-8
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Publishers Summary:

Railroad Hank is headed up the mountain in his fine little train to see Granny Bett. She’s feeling kind of blue. Along the way, he stops to talk to Missy May, Country Carl, Cinnamon Cobbler, and Reel-‘Em-In Sam. Each friend offers up something to cheer Granny Bett, but Hank has bigger ideas. By the time he reaches the mountaintop, his train is bursting with crazy cargo! And Granny Bett has a great idea for what to do with it all.

Turkeybird and Littlebug Take to the Railways: Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!!!
Turkeybird: I’m taking the chickens and the lake!
Littlebug: I want the trees!
Turkeybird: But we don’t have room silly!
Littlebug: I want apples though!
Turkeybird: Okay. I guess the trees will be fine then.
Both: We love Railroad Hank! But we think he is super super silly! He puts all of these crazy things on his choo choo train! It’s so silly, but by the end he helps everyone be all happy. It’s so much fun!

Mom’s Two Cents: Railroad Hank is on a mission. Granny Bett is feeling blue and he knows the only way to help her is to enlist the help of his friends. Oddly though Hank is a little out of the loop when it comes to collecting the things for Granny Bett from his friends. As he picks up the most random items, from chickens to cows, Hank also brings everything he could need, including friends, to Granny Bett making for the best day she’s had in a very long time.

Before I had the opportunity to read Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser I was instantly drawn to the story for one reason, the illustrations. Benji Davies has illustrated a number of my kiddos favorite books including the Nosy Crow’s Bizzy Bear line, Hodge the Hedgehog and Winston Was Worried. So when I saw the cover of Railroad Hank I instantly knew I wanted to read it, without even knowing what the book was about or knowing for certain it was Benji’s illustrations. His characteristic colors and lovely animals give his art away every time and upon closer inspection I discovered my assumptions were right. Of course, the illustrations proved to be enjoyable for all of our family and complimented the text by Lisa Moser perfectly.

Outside of the incredibly fun illustrations this was a story that was not only enjoyed by my children, but a small group of about a dozen young kiddos I read to weekly. It’s message of sharing and caring for others shines through Hank’s often clueless character. As I read Railroad Hank aloud a couple of weeks ago I watched as each of the children lit up when they chimed along loudly saying, “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!” This is a story that screams “read me aloud to a group of rousing toddlers” not only because of a great story or illustrations, but simply because it’s absolutely hilarious. As Hank grabs chickens instead of eggs and cows instead of milk each of the children I read it to rolled around on the ground giggling, some uncontrollably. You simply can’t put a price on that.

Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser is a delightful picture book about a train conductor who wants nothing more than to cheer up his dear friend Granny Bett. Now couple the message of a caring quirky Hank with illustrations by the talented Benji Davies and you have a combination that is guaranteed to have kiddos giggling and shouting along as they read it aloud over and over again. This was an absolute treat to read again and again to not only my two kiddos, but an entire group of kiddos. I have no doubt that we’ll be picking up more great books from both Lisa Moser and Benji Davies in the very near future!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 8. Beautiful illustrations, a fantastic story with messages of sharing and caring for others and a great “read aloud” factor make this a perfect book to share with young kiddos.

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5 Responses to Book Review: Railroad Hank by Lisa Moser and Benji Davies

  1. This is so cute. And look how amazing and huge your kiddos are! WOW!

  2. BTW I can’t get over how much your daughter looks like you 🙂

  3. Chauntelle says:

    This looks like a great story! I will have to check it out, I love the illustrations!

  4. V(Bookborne) says:

    What a cute pic of your kids!

    This book looks pretty cute, too 🙂

  5. Gina says:

    I can totally see the kiddos getting into this one and I can’t help but think it’d make a great read-a-long for storytime too! I can see it now…all the chugging and choo-ing. Great review guys!

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