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Because Amelia Smiled by David Ezra Stein
Published by Candlewick Press
Pages: 40
Ages: 3-7
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Publishers Summary:

Because Amelia smiles as she skips down the street, her neighbor Mrs. Higgins smiles too, and decides to send a care package of cookies to her grandson Lionel in Mexico. The cookies give Lionel an idea, and his idea inspires a student, who in turn inspires a ballet troupe in England! And so the good feelings that started with Amelia’s smile make their way around the world, from a goodwill recital in Israel, to an impromptu rumba concert in Paris, to a long-awaited marriage proposal in Italy, to a knitted scarf for a beloved niece back in New York. Putting a unique spin on “what goes around comes around,” David Ezra Stein’s charmingly illustrated story reminds us that adding even a small dose of kindness into the world is sure to spur more and more kindness, which could eventually make its way back to you!
Just try not to smile! A positively inspiring picture book from the creator of the Caldecott Honor-winning INTERRUPTING CHICKEN.

Littlebug Smiles: Amelia is a little girl just like me and I like to smile all the time. All the time. I smile and laugh and act silly at everything. I like that she helps make all the other people smile because I like to do that with my family. I’m the super silly one who laughs for everyone. I like that because Amelia smiles everyone gets to smile, just like me.

Mom’s Two Cents: In a moment, a single smile changes the course of the world. As Amelia starts out her day by splashing in the rain with her parents the joyful smiles that accompany the time influence those she passes. Amelia’s smile travels around the world as it touches the lives of people from all walks of life and changes each of them for the better.

Because Amelia Smiles is another fantastic picture book from one of our favorite author/illustrators, David Ezra Stein. It seems that with each book David Ezra Stein either writes and/or illustrates he brings something completely new to his readers. Within the pages of Because Amelia Smiles you find a powerful story and an original approach to his illustrations. Our family favors his book Interrupting Chicken, primarily because the humor is second to none, but Because Amelia Smiles has a message that simply can’t be denied. The power that each of us has to change each other for the better, by smiling.

As readers turn the pages of Because Amelia Smiles by David Ezra Stein they’ll see a world of hope, friendship and love that is all the result of a single smile viewed through a living room window. Stein’s book shows just how powerful a smile can be and if a smile can accomplish so much, what if we were to do more? This message of reaching out, doing more and being an influence for good is one I personally appreciated being able to share with my own two kiddos and it’s certainly one the world could stand to hear more of. I loved the beauty of taking something as simple as a smile and turning it into such a profound force for good. Because Amelia Smiles by David Ezra Stein is another delightful and thought provoking picture book not to be missed.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 to 9. A beautiful story about the power we have to change the lives of those around us by simple means.

Smiles courtesy of Candlewick Press and Whisker Works, for the Because Amelia Smiled Blog Tour. Thank you! We had a blast playing around with these very fun smiles.

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3 Responses to Book Review: Because Amelia Smiled by David Ezra Stein

  1. Rhythm says:

    This is such a lovely little book. I love it!

  2. PragmaticMom says:

    Love this picture book that demonstrates the concept of Karma. We are learning about world religions and this book fits right into Hinduism.

  3. This sounds amazing. And oh my goodness how much do I love the pictures!

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