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Splat Says Thank You! by Rob Scotton
Published by HarperCollins Children’s
Pages: 4-8
Ages: 40
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Publishers Summary:

Splat the Cat’s trusty mouse friend, Seymour, needs cheering up, and Splat wants to help. He’s been working on something special for Seymour—not just a thank-you card but a thank-you book! His book lists all the sweet and often hilarious reasons Splat is thankful for their friendship.

The funny adventures that Splat and Seymour have had together, complete with animated illustrations and a laugh-out-loud text from bestselling author and illustrator Rob Scotton, will leave Splat fans thankful to know this cat-and-mouse duo.

Littlebug and Turkeybird Say Thank You: We super love Splat the Cat and his friend Seymour, but we’re so sad that Seymour is sick. Being sick is yucky. We know, we’ve been super super sick.

Our most favoritest “Thank You” from Splat to Seymour is when he is in the Splat and the Beanstalk play and Spike is playing a silly cow. Hahahaha. Splat laughs at Spike so much that he forgets all the stuff he’s saying and Seymour helps. We like to help each other like Seymour helps Splat and thought it was so super nice that Splat tries to help Seymour out. This is a super fun book and now we’ll maybe remember to say thank you more. Thank You!!!

Mom’s Two Cents: Poor Seymour, Splat’s very best mouse friend, is feeling a bit under the weather, but thanks to Splat he’s in for a great story. To cheer Seymour up Splat has collected a book of things he’s thankful for, all centered around Seymour. Through thick and thin Seymour has been there for Splat and now Splat has the chance to return the favor by sharing his gratitude for his best friend.

Our family is a definitely Splat the Cat family. Of course the fact that we all love kitties helps quite a bit. Splat has a charm about him though that makes him even more irresistible than even the most adorable kitties. With over half a dozen full length picture books the newest Splat book, Splat Says Thank You!, is by far one of our favorites right up there with Love, Splat.

In Splat Says Thank You! one of the most adorable characters of the series is highlighted, Seymour, Splat’s small helpful mouse friend. Seymour is featured in every book alongside Splat as he helps to save the day. In Splat Says Thank You! though it’s Seymour who is in need of a saving smile. It’s an approach to saying “thank you” that I’ve never encountered before, Splat sharing a book of events in which Seymour saved his day. In each instance Splat says thank you to Seymour, in hopes of getting a small smile out of his friend. It’s a unique way of teaching children the value of saying thank you to those who help them and one that as a parent, I greatly appreciated.

Rob Scotton has a handful of cherished children’s book characters and Splat may be our favorite. Within the pages of Splat Says Thank You! children have the opportunity to enjoy a loved character and also learn a valuable lesson, showing gratitude. Our family has fallen head over heels for the latest Splat book not only because we love Splat, but we love his best friend Seymour just as much. Splat Says Thank You! by Rob Scotton is another wonderful addition to the Splat the Cat picture book series, one we’ll be grateful to read again and again.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 to 9. Lessons of gratitude and friendship in the latest Splat the Cat book. Perfect Thanksgiving holiday reading!

Also, a couple of fun activities to do with the book (both open to PDFs):
Activity Kit
“Thank You” Activity

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4 Responses to Book Review: Splat Says Thank You! by Rob Scotton

  1. Sounds cute and full of a good lesson.

  2. Rhythm says:

    Splat the Cat is one of my favorites! He’s also a big favorite at the library so I get to hear his stories a lot. I’ll have to look for this new one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    Sounds like a very sweet book!

  4. Gina says:

    Oh I love splat the cat! This 1 sounds like an adorable adventure and a perfectly timed read too what with Thanksgiving and all. Thanks for sharing guys!

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