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Playbook FarmPlaybook Farm by Corina Fletcher and Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
Published by Nosy Crow an imprint of Candlewick Press
Pages: 12
Ages: 3 and up
Buy It: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | ISBN: 9780763661656
Publishers Summary:

First read this beautifully detailed pop-up book, then unfold it to transform it into a 3D farmyard landscape playmat, with stand-up cardboard animals and a tractor that you can move all around the farm! A unique and ingenious novelty book that folds away again in its own box.

Littlebug Silly FaceLittlebug Plays Farmer: Moo! Today I want to play the cow and I’m going to put him on top of the barn. Hehe.

This is one of my favoritest books to play with because I don’t have to just sit and listen to mom read and read. I like listening to mom read and look at the pictures, but this is super nice because I can play with the animals (or the farmer) while my mom reads. Sometimes I even drive my tractor over the words she’s reading, it’s super silly! And! It folds out! I’ve never seen a book do that. It gets ginormous! It’s fun because then Turkeybird and me can play all over the farm when mom is done reading.


Mom’s Two Cents: The cows go “moo” and the cats say “meow” as a day on the farm unfolds before your eyes. With a pop-up barn, house, windmill and more little busy hands explore the goings on of their very own farm as the story is being told. Once the day is done the animals from sheep to pigs are happily ready for their next adventure as the story folds out to a large play mat complete with pop-up buildings and trees. Fun on the farm for even the littlest of hands.

Playbook Farm by Corina Fletcher was an instant hit in our home and that was before the kiddos discovered it folded out into a huge play mat they could use after we read the story. Tucked into the pouch on the inside cover are about a dozen or more animals as well as a farmer on his tractor. As we turned each page Littlebug especially had fun driving the farmer along the path trying to cover up the story as I read it aloud to her. Each page popped up another delightful scene; there was a chicken coop, a barn, trees and even a windmill with whooshing blades. This made for a lot of fun while reading the story, but once that was done and the story folded out to a play mat this has quickly become Littlebug’s go-to “toy” while her brother is away at school. She’ll spend time pretending to be the animals and even tend the garden. It’s wonderful!

Having never scene a book that folds out like this I don’t have anything to compare the Playbook Farm by Corina Fletcher to, but from our family’s experience with it I can say this is something I hope to see more of. There were so many components to love. A story to read, educational concepts, characters and buildings to interact with and the ability to fold out for some great imaginary play makes Playbook Farm one of our family’s favorite books to play with. Not only does this encourage a great deal of imagination, but the story teaches the sounds and activities of many of the animals you’d find on the farm. I’m hoping we’ll see more books like Playbook Farm by Corina Fletcher in the very near future!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 to 7. Spark imagination, teach basic concepts and have fun for hours with this creative take on a pop-up book. Sturdy enough to handle playful three year olds, but I wouldn’t recommend it for younger as the firm paper parts may break or be choked on.

Watch a great video about how Playbook Farm works:

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Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | ISBN: 9780763661656 | Goodreads

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3 Responses to Book Review: Playbook Farm by Corina Fletcher

  1. Rhythm says:

    What a fabulous book! I hope there’s a dog on that farm! I’ll have to look for this! Thanks!

  2. Gina says:

    Now that’s a combo I HAVEN’T seen yet! How cool….something for when they’re really little AND then to grow into. ^_^

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