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As some of you know made the trek to this year’s ALA Mid-Winter conference held in Seattle Washington this year. Initially I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it because of the hotel situation, but a wonderful friend stepped up and offered to share her room with me (thank you Kellie!!!).
First of all I should say that this was the first trip I’ve taken alone in over a decade. After my husband and I got married we decided we didn’t want to be apart, ever. Well, I’ve now learned just how fun it can be to go off and have fun by myself again. When the kiddos and my hubby dropped me off I was, I’ll be honest here, very sad and wanted nothing more then to hold them again. Thankfully we talked on the phone and over the little time I was gone I adjusted quite well to being on my own again.

More than anything I was looking forward to connecting with some incredible people during this trip, and good for me I was able to do just that. I also managed to read quite a few books I’ve been wanting to see including these two:
The Dark and Crankenstein
The Dark by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Jon Klassen (LOVE this book!)
Crankenstein by Samantha Berger and Illustrated by Dan Santat

I arrived late Thursday night and stayed until early Monday morning. Yes, sadly I missed the award announcements, but my kiddos needed me home. From the time I got to Seattle until the time I left my feet never touched the ground. It was a steady stream of books, meetings, signings, parties and more. I’m honestly still trying to catch up on sleep now. Here are a few fun pictures from the week:

From the Exhibit Floor:

ALA exhibits ALA Fiction Book Pane
Amelia Bedelia Display at Harper Candlewick Booth
Harper Booth

One of the highlights of my week was meeting some incredible people. Here are someone the fabulous people I got to hang out with over the weekend:

Rebecca Dunn Nancy Pearl and me Rebecca Dunn and me

Rebecca from Common for Sturdy Things has been a friend for quite some time now and I was beyond thrilled to finally get to hang out with this incredible lady. We walked the exhibit floor together, ran into Nancy Pearl (yes, the Nancy Pearl) and went to the Nerdy Book Club party together. It was a blast!

Kristen Kittscher and Amy Tintera Lenore Appelhans and me

So many great authors! I was excited to meet all of these ladies. Kristen Kittscher is the debut author of The Wig in the Window and Amy Tintera is the debut author of Reboot, both are books I cannot wait to read! And of course, many of you will recognize the lovely Lenore Appelhans with me on the right. Her new picture book with illustrations by her hubby, Chick-o-Suarus Rex, comes out in July and it’s adorable!

Cat Winters and me Nerdy Book Club members

A new to me author, Cat Winters, was pointed out to me by my fabulous agent as well as author Lauren DeStefano and I’m so excited they did. I picked up copies of her book, In the Shadows of the Blackbirds, and was able to chat for a bit. This is one YA you’re going to have to read I’m certain.

Also, while wandering the exhibit hall I ran into fellow Nerdy Book Club members and we had to snap a picture!

Walden Pond Press party 2 DSC_0188

On Sunday I headed to the Walden Pond Press party for Kevin Emerson’s new middle grade novel, The Fellowship for Alien Detection, and I was able to meet so many incredible people including more Nerdy Book Club members. That’s Kevin above with his hilarious editor Jordan Brown. It was also fun to catch up with Jill Corcoran who I had previously met at the Central Coast Writer’s Conference. She’s fabulous, full of energy and ideas.

DSC_0189 DSC_0185

At the party were a number of authors including these two incredible people! Sean Beaudoin, author of The Infects as well as a number of other books, and Kim Baker, author of Pickle: The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School. Kim and I met at ALA Annual and didn’t snap a picture. Somehow we managed it, sort of, this time.

Walden Pond Press party 3

Me with authors Liz Gallagher, Kevin Emerson’s and Kim Baker. Love these guys! We had a blast hanging out after the party as well. It was wonderful!

Overall my trip to ALA Mid-Winter was phenomenal. This is only a small portion of went on, but it turned out to be much more than I ever expected. Also, there were the awards, but I think I might blog about that separately. Of course I forgot to take pictures of things around the city as usual, but I still had an incredible time and can’t wait to go back to Seattle some time.

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9 Responses to 2013 ALA Mid-Winter and Other Exciting Happenings

  1. Beth Hoffman says:

    Wow, Danielle, what a fantastic experience! Loved all the photos, you look so happy!

  2. PragmaticMom says:

    Glad you had a wonderful time! Enjoyed reading about it in your blog!

  3. Great roundup. What a weekend! It was really fun to have a chance to meet you in person.

  4. Tif says:

    Wow! Looks like you had a great time!! One of these days, I will get to experience major bookiness in person!! I feel like I am missing out on sooooo much!!

  5. Yay! It looks like you had soooo much fun! I love the pictures. *hug*

  6. Jenni Elyse says:

    Looks and sounds like you have a ton of fun! I’m so happy you got to go. 😀 And, I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous, too. 😉

  7. Raquel says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I love seeing that big grin on your face. You look really happy 🙂

  8. Rebecca says:

    Awww… I love those pictures of us!!! It was so much fun! Just might have to do it again in the very near future. BEA? ALA? Hmmm 🙂

  9. that sounds like a wonderful bookish event 🙂

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