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The 20 Question Interview with our very own Turkeybird is our feature interview that happens with all of the book authors, illustrators and poets we love!

Turkeybird is very excited about today’s interview. Today he’s able to share his interview with author Hilary McKay whose Lulu chapter book series has recently become a favorite of his. Hilary has quite a few books published for young readers and we’re excited that many of them are now available to be purchased in the US. Enough of that for now! Without further hesitation on our part, the Turkeybird’s interview with Hilary McKay…

McKay_HilaryHello Turkeybird!

1. You have written lots and lots of books! Which one is your favoritest?
My latest is always my favorite, so that would be BINNY FOR SHORT. Coming to the US in July this year.

2. My sister likes the covers for your Lulu books, but I think I like the Charlie ones. Are they very different on the inside of the book? (I’ve only gotten to read the Lulu book so far.)
Charlie And The Cat FlapYes, they are different on the inside too. Sam Hearne did the Charlie ones- he is excellent at naughty boys. I wonder if you will ever read them. If your mom would like to send your address to me and I will send you a copy for a present.

3. Crayons or Markers?

4. Why?
Because you can blend them so well to make new colours.

5. What’s your favorite color?

6. If you were six what would you read next?
Where the Wild Things Are (I love that book!)
Where the Wild Things Are
7. Why do you like to write?
It puts me in touch with people like you.
It earns me money.
I can do it anywhere, outdoors or in.
I’m good at it.

8. Do you have a favorite treat? (Mine is anything chocolate!)
If you smelt my homemade bread when it comes out of the oven you would not want chocolate! Sometimes I make it with chocolate chips in. My favorite treat is a chocolate pudding my friend makes. It has a hot chocolate sauce centre with raspberries inside.

9. What’s your very most favorite plant?
Come on, Turkeybird! I have a thousand favorite plants!

10. Why?
Why do I have a thousand favorite plants? Are you telling me you do not? Can you really choose between oak trees and pine trees and roses and apple trees and grass and seaweed? I bet you can’t! Would you be interested to know what I did on Sunday? I was scrabbling around my local Nature Reserve helping with the records we are making of Ancient Trees. We need to know where they are and how many and what sort, so that we can look after them for a few more hundred years.

11. When you were my age did you like to write books? (I just had a birthday and asked for blank books to make up my own stories in!)
Well done you! I asked for blank books for Christmas! Yes, I did write when I was your age.

12. What did you like to write about if you did?
I wrote about bears and ponies.

13. Four sisters! I have one and sometimes she is super fun and other times she’s not so much fun. How did you like growing up with four sisters?
Three sisters, four of us all together. To be perfectly honest, Turkeybird, and this is not at all to my credit, I didn’t always like it much. It was not very peaceful. I longed and longed for a bedroom of my own.

14. Have you always lived “across the pond?” (My mom said it’s called that, but I think it’s just a big big bunch of water.)
A bunch of water, Turkeybird, is a fountain! Draw it and you will see that I am right.
Yes, I have always lived here.

Lulu and the Dog15. Do you like it there?
Yes. Although. I wish it was warmer. I have just looked out of the window and it is snowing AGAIN!

16. What is your very most favorite word? (Right now mine is anything I can copy. I like to play the copycat game and repeat what everyone says. It makes my mom a little crazy sometimes and that’s silly.)
Oh your poor mother! Stop it, Turkeybird! Stop that game!

17. When your kids were my age what did you like to read to them?
Fairy tales. Harry Potter. The Hobbit. Winnie the Pooh. Poetry- we used to turn off the lights and read poems by candlelight and don’t you do that without a grown up in the room.

18. Swings or Slides?

19. Why?
You can stay on a swing much longer than you can on a slide. You can read a book or have a conversation on a swing. Swings are way better than slides.

20. What are you writing right now?
Another Lulu book and the sequel to Binny For Short.

TurkeybirdThe Turkeybird Speaks: Wow! Ms. McKay, that is so so so super nice of you to send a book to me from so far away! Thank you thank you!

Your bread sounds so yummy! And that stuff with the chocolate in the middle, but I’ll give the raspberries to Littlebug since I don’t really like them and I used to be allergic. Without all the raspberries that sounds like the very best dessert ever!

I wanted to tell you, my sister likes to write stories about ponies too. She’s very silly, I think I like telling stories about unicorns, dinosaurs and zombies the best. Those are the most fun to me. But Littlebug’s stories are very funny sometimes and she likes to write with me, so that’s really fun.

Thank you so super a lot Ms. McKay! I really liked your answers so much and I even read all the Lulu books with my mom and liked them a lot. I want to read the next book when it comes out!


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Lulu and the DuckLulu and the Duck in the Park by Hilary McKay

Lulu loves animals. When Lulu finds a duck egg that has rolled out of its nest, she takes it to class to keep it safe. Lulu isn’t allowed to bring pets to school. But she’s not really breaking the rules because it’s just an egg. Surely nothing bad will happen. . .

A fun-filled new series for early readers and animal lovers alike.

Find Lulu and the Duck in the Park by Hilary McKay at the following spots:
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Other fantastic books in the Lulu series with Lulu and the Cat in the Bag being released this Fall:

Lulu and the Dog Lulu and the Cat

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10 Responses to Author Interview and Giveaway: 20 Questions with Hilary McKay

  1. Great interview! I’ve ordered Lulu for my library but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

  2. My favorite question was about the plants.

  3. Hilary McKay says:

    Thank you, Turkeybird for interviewing me. Dinosaurs and unicorns are fantastic, I agree. (Not so keen on zombies- they take themselves so seriously). Please say Hi to your mom and Littlebug from me, and send me an address if you would like that Charlie book!

  4. Kristie says:

    I like the question about her favorite treat and her answer being homemade bread. I LOVE baking bread! 🙂

  5. Sue Fitz says:

    If you were six what would you read next? I always think its great to learn what were our favorite books when we were younger

  6. Rhythm says:

    I liked the question about her favorite treat. That would be a question that I would ask. Great, fun interview all around!

  7. PragmaticMom says:

    The copy game. That Turkeybird cracks me up!

  8. Austin Baroudi says:

    I liked question 8!

  9. My son is six and loves dinosaurs, and has for a few years. Love the question and answer for ‘What’s your very most favorite plant?
    Come on, Turkeybird! I have a thousand favorite plants!’

  10. anne says:

    This question about why do you write is lovely.

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