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Betsy's_Day _at_the_Game-coverBetsy’s Day at the Game by Gregory Bancroft and illustrated by Katherine Blackmore
Published by Scarletta Kids
Pages: 32
Buy It: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | ISBN/ISBN13: 1938063023/9781938063022
Publishers Summary:

Betsy loves hanging out with her grandfather, especially at the ballpark. Today is another game day, and Betsy is ready to show her grandpa all she’s learned about keeping score. Best of all, some exciting things are about to happen at today’s game. As the anticipation builds, Betsy keeps track of it all—foul balls, home runs, and favorite players.
This heartwarming story about a family tradition and America’s favorite pastime includes a fully illustrated scorecard. With great illustrations, Betsy’s Day at the Game teaches kids how to fill out a scorecard, and encourages them to share their memories with their families.

BetsyLittlebug in Purple

Littlebug Talks Baseball: I’ve never been to see a baseball game, but it sounds super fun! And I’d really like to catch a baseball like Betsy did. That would be super neat! I even think her picture looks like me.

My Dad takes me fun places sometimes and I really like it when we visit my Grandma & Grandpa’s house because they take us to lots and lots and lots of neat places like the park. It doesn’t get much better than that! Maybe when I get a little older I can even go to a baseball game. It would be super fun to see it like Betsy did!

page 16

Mom’s Two Cents: Betsy and her Grandpa share a love of one thing, baseball. Just like her Mom and Dad (Betsy’s Grandpa), Betsy and her Grandpa love to travel to baseball games, eat hot dogs and enjoy all the fun that comes with hearing the crack of the ball against bat. On this day things get exciting and Betsy is able to share a special tradition with not only her Grandpa, but her Mom as well.

Betsy’s Day at the Game by Gregory Bancroft was a wonderful look into the value of traditions within our families as well as a great introduction to baseball for young readers. As a family who has very few traditions, outside of the ones started by my husband & my own parents, this was a great way for us to reevaluate what things we’d like to do with our own children in our immediate family. Going for weekend picnics, spending time snowboarding (when we can) and also enjoying fun movies & plays are a few of the things that came to mind instantly. Reading along with Betsy’s adventure with her Grandpa made both kiddos only more excited to start our own family traditions.

Through the delightful illustrations of Katherine Blackmore and the heartwarming storytelling of Gregory Bancroft the story of a young girl and her baseball tradition with her Grandpa comes to life. This is not only a fun tale of baseball excitement, but also a great lesson to all who read it to start or continue their own family’s traditions. Our family has certainly been inspired and both the kiddos look forward to the possibility of more family adventuring out in the world thanks to Betsy’s Day at the Game by Gregory Bancroft.

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5 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: Betsy’s Day at the Game by Gregory Bancroft

  1. What a cool book. GReat review too sugar.

  2. Austin Baroudi says:

    The only sport I am active in is skateboarding and I can only ever get my daughter to at least try to do it with me 😛

  3. We like watching hockey best, so much action!

  4. anne says:

    the best sport we enjoy together is tennis.

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