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It’s that time of year, in fact the week is upon us! Book Expo America is this week along with the BEA Bloggers Conference and Armchair BEA. This year along with co-organizing Armchair BEA I’ll also be heading to BEA, speaking at the BEA Bloggers Conference and working as an agent on the floor at BEA. In case you haven’t seen or aren’t familiar with any of these things, here’s a quick run down of the week:

Armchair BEA – If you’re a book blogger who can’t attend Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention in New York this May, you don’t have to miss all the fun – this virtual convention is the place to be! There are daily blogging themes, discussions, live coverage from the floor of BEA, giveaways and more! We started this event with those of us who can’t make the trip to NY in mind and each year it’s grown even bigger.

BEABloggersBEA Bloggers Conference – This event is the conference to go to if you’re a book blogger from any genre. Last year I was able to go to about half of the day because my plane arrived late, but this year I’ll be there for the full event. I was also asked this year to serve as part of the Blogger Conference Advisory Board as well as speak on one of the panels. I feel honored to have been chosen for these and can’t wait to see how things come together on Wednesday.

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In preparation for the panel I’m serving on with Cindy Minnich from the Nerdy Book Club, Kristina Radke from NetGalley and Thea James from The Book Smugglers I wrote up a post for Net Galley talking a little about my struggles and successes as a book blogger. NetGalley is also hosting a Wellness Challenge that I participated in a would encourage anyone who has ever used NetGalley to take a look!

Book Expo America – Each year book publishing professionals from book reviewers to book sellers, editors, publicists and more gather to talk about what’s to come for the future of publishing. The entire week is full to the brim with author signings and more. To be honest last year was a complete blur and I’m guessing that this week will be no different.

So, all in all I’m going to have one very busy week ahead of me! Fortunately my sister, soon-to-be co-blogger here at There’s A Book, is traveling with me to help out with all the fun Armchair BEA live coverage as well as to just have fun with. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. This is going to be a week to remember for certain!

If you happen to be stopping by for the first time after meeting at BEA feel free to take a look around and welcome! I review picture books to young adult children’s literature here with the help of my two kiddos. In “real life” I’m also an Associate Agent for Foreword Literary, to learn more about that head over to the Foreword website. Thanks so much for stopping by, things will be back to normal once I recover from this crazy week!

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2 Responses to BEA, Armchair BEA, BEA Bloggers Conference and More

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Very nice post. I will be there too.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    Silver’s Reviews

  2. FUN! And your sister is going to co blog? FABULOUS! Safe travels darling.

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