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Because I'm Your DadBecause I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa and Illustrated by Dan Santat
Published by Disney Hyperion
Pages: 32
Ages: 4-8
Buy It: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | ISBN/ISBN-13: 142314774X / 9781423147749
Publishers Summary:

Because I’m your dad, you can have spaghetti for breakfast, French toast for dinner, and rocky road ice cream in the bathtub.

In a text that’s both playful and loving, a father expresses his hopes and dreams for a one-of-a-kind relationship with his child. Whimsical monster characters bring the silly and sweet scenes to life and keep the book universal. The book’s ending, a moving tribute to the author’s father, guarantees intergenerational appeal.

Because I’m your dad, I will do all of these things for you and more . . . because that’s what my dad did for me.

turkeybirdreadingwithbaker3Turkeybird Loves His Dad: Did you know that when I was super little my dad used to wrap me up in my blankets like a burrito? It’s just like the monster in this book! His dad does all these silly things like my dad does. Even my sister, Littlbug, says that my mom isn’t allowed to tickle us because it’s my dad’s job. He’s a super good tickler!

My dad hasn’t ever taken me to New York or Australia like the monster in the story, but he does take me out to breakfast sometimes. I really like that. We go just the two of us and have a big pancake together. He takes me running too! I love to run races with him. Hopefully we get to do another one really soon now that it’s almost summer time. My dad doesn’t like robots or monsters like this dad, but he does like Legos like I do, which is really fun.

This was a really good book to read with my dad because I could remember all the fun things my dad does. We always have super lots of fun together and I really liked reading this book with him and talking about all the fun stuff.

Because I'm Your Dad Interior

Because I'm Your Dad Interior 2

Mom’s Two Cents: Dads love doing all the silly stuff kids can’t help doing. From tickling to eat french toast for dinner to burping like a champ there’s nothing too messy or scary for a dad to try. Dads also protect and make us feel safe. Through the eyes of a father and son monster readers discover the many things Dads love to do and how they learned it all.

Ahmet Zappa has paired up with the very talented illustrator Dan Santat for his first picture book, Because I’m Your Dad. Obviously inspired by the unique relationship he had with his dad, Frank Zappa, Ahmet has created a story that kids will relate to on some levels, but others be left thinking about their own relationship with their own dad. Turkeybird definitely has specific things he’s decided are “mom things” and “dad things” which was really fun to explore while reading Because I’m Your Dad. I’m the one he likes to get ice cream with, but his dad is the one for a trip to their local breakfast place. I have no doubt that we’re similar to most families out there in this.

Obviously one of my favorite aspects of Because I’m Your Dad were the illustrations. Dan Santat has been very busy recently with numerous picture book and middle grade reads coming out over the last few years. His style is very recognizable, but one that seems to always fit perfectly with whatever text he’s paired with. Because I’m Your Dad is no expception. I have no doubt that without his illustrations this would be a completely different book. The monsters pop out of the story and the scenes are so action packed you can’t help but be pulled into the story.

Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa and illustrated by Dan Santat is a heart-warming story about a father and their child. This is a story that shares the things we learn from our own parents and how we carry that on to our own children. A story that will grab the attention of young readers, causing them to reflect on their own relationships with their dads. We’ve loved reading Because I’m Your Dad and look forward to building a few mud forts of our own in the future.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 to 7. Illustrations that pop, characters that shine and a story that will have even the youngest readers reflecting on the relationships they have with their parents. A perfect pick for the upcoming Father’s Day!

Don’t miss the Because I’m Your Dad website as well as this adorable book trailer:


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17 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

  1. Margo Jantzi says:

    The most hilarious read aloud for my students last week was BRIEF THIEF. What a fun read!

  2. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says:

    My favorites are the Dr Suess books as well as some of the Disney story books. My kids especially like the Timon & Pumba stories.

  3. This awesome. I love it. I hope we win. (Awesome contest)

    Our favorite current read?
    The lady with the alligator purse

  4. Kelly says:

    This book sounds so awesome.
    My son’s favorite book changes by the day, but right now it’s Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? by Eric Carle.

  5. Wendy says:

    Ice cream for breakfast? Yeah, we’ve done it! It’s dairy, after all. And sometimes it’s so fun to surprise a kiddo by saying “yes!”

  6. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    The Bible. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. PragmaticMom says:

    What a cute book for a dad to read with his kids especially on Father’s Day!

  8. apple blossom says:

    are you my mother

  9. Rhythm says:

    My favorite book to read with kids is Pete’s a Pizza! And The Incredible Book Eating Boy! And Dog Loves Books! And Go Dog Go! And Ten Apples On Top! And …. whatever … This one looks pretty cute!

  10. Kristie says:

    Dr. Suess books are always fun to read to the kids! 🙂

  11. Heidi Grange says:

    My favorite, hmmm. Anything by Mo Willems or Jan Thomas. These are always fun.

  12. anne says:

    We enjoy reading Sandra Boynton’s books.

  13. Jessica S. says:

    This books looks hilarious! Sounds just like my husband!

  14. Vivian S says:

    Goodnight Moon ..and we say goodnight to everything in his room too!

  15. susan says:

    We enjoy reading Mr. Pusskins.

  16. Steph says:

    Our current favorite is Wreck It Ralph: The Junior Novelization.

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