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The 20 Question Interview with our very own Turkeybird is our feature interview that happens with all of the book authors, illustrators and poets we love!

It’s back-to-back interviews at There’s A Book this week and this time is non-other than debut author, Kristen Kittscher. When we initially sent over the interview to Kristen we hadn’t yet had a chance to read the book, but since have finished and loved The Wig in the Window! So, without further hesitation the Turkeybird’s interview with Kristen Kittscher

KittscherJacketPhoto1. Somebody has to ask, a wig in the window? What does that mean? (Please imagine excessive waving of hands by a very exuberant five year old.)

Ha! I’m enjoying my Turkeybird interview already. I’m afraid my super sleuths Young & Yang have sworn me to secrecy, but let me just say that someone in this story has very suspicious hair.

2. Sophie and Grace look like they have a lot of fun, but the cover of your book is super spooky! Do they get into lots of trouble all the time?

That’s a great prediction, Turkeybird!

I’m glad the spookiness and sense of fun comes across in The Wig in the Window’s cover. When the art department at my publisher was designing it, I emailed them pictures of old Alfred Hitchcock movie posters. You probably haven’t heard of him yet in your first five years on the planet, but he was well-known for directing suspenseful, thrilling movies. I thought my book was a bit like a Hitchcock movie for kids, but with lots of humor, too. I’m glad the cover captured that feel.

Sophie Young & Grace Yang sure do get themselves in a lot of trouble. Proving their school counselor at Luna Vista Middle School is a dangerous woman with a secret past is no easy feat – especially when they’re not quite sure she is a criminal! Not only do they find themselves in lots of tricky situations, their friendship suffers under the pressure.

3. Crayons or Markers?

Crayons. Definitely crayons.

4. Why?

Markers dry out.

5. What’s your favorite color?

I have several: I like green, black, purple, and blue.

wiginthewindow6. My mom told me she hung out with you and a bunch of authors in Seattle. Do you like the rain?

I sure do! Maybe I love the rain so much because I live in Southern California where it doesn’t rain very often. I appreciate it more and enjoy the way some unusual weather changes my mood and thoughts.

7. I read that you are a spy! Is that true?

Err, I can neither confirm nor deny that assertion. (Your mom might have to translate that answer.)

8. What kind of investigating do you do?

I am not at liberty to say, but I do like uncovering truths about the way people feel.

9. Do you have a favorite treat? (Mine is anything chocolate!)

I love thin mint Girl Scout cookies, especially when frozen. I just stocked up for the year.

10. What food do you like to eat? (I love those packages of yogurt you squirt in your mouth.)

I’m a big fan of Italian food. I lived in Italy for a year, where I met my husband. I have never tried those packages of yogurt you squirt in your mouth, but if you recommend them so highly, I’m going to have to try!

The Little Engine that Could11. When you were my age did you like to read?

I sure did! My favorite books when I was five were The Little Engine that Could and Have You Seen My Puppy? I’m not sure that second book even exists anymore, but it was about a kid who looks for his puppy lost at a zoo. Even then I liked mysteries, I guess!

12. I saw that you wrote lots when you were little. I like to write stories too and even got an award from my kindergarten teacher! What should I write about next?

Oh, that’s so exciting! Congratulations! I did write lots when I was little. When I was six, I was at a school in London, England where all kids wrote stories almost every day in our creative writing class. What should you write next? Write about something that either puzzles you or that you’re very interested in! Follow your feelings and have fun with it.

13. Why do you like to write?

I think there’s nothing more magical in this world than creating something new. While I suppose I could make music or other art, I’m better at working with words and entertaining people with stories – so I love writing best of all the arts! I also think you can talk about things in stories that are harder to talk about in regular life.

14. Do you think you would want to be a pilot and fly planes instead?

I think flying planes is very exciting, but I’m terrible with directions. If I were a pilot, sooner or later I’d end up lost on a desert isle with some very, very angry passengers. It’s best if I stick to writing.

15. Wow! You lived everywhere! Did you take a boat to get over the water?

I have been on boats many times before, but I really don’t like them. I get terribly, terribly seasick. The times I have moved from the U.S. to Europe, I always took a plane — and made sure someone who had a good sense of direction was flying it!

16. Why?

Hm. I like your mysterious questions! Or does that refer to the boats?
My answer: Why not?

Lulu and the Brontosaurus17. Swings or Slides?


18. Why?

Swings also make me feel a little seasick. Besides, I love going fast.

19. If you were five what would you read next?

I would read Judith Viorst’s LULU AND THE BRONTOSAURUS. It says it’s for kids six and up, but I bet if you really like reading and writing, you can read it with help. Lulu’s a very spoiled little girl who throws a four-day temper tantrum because her parents won’t buy her a brontosaurus – can you imagine? She runs away and runs into some serious surprises. It’s a very funny book.

20. What are you writing right now?

I am writing the sequel to THE TIARA ON THE TERRACE. Can you tell it’s a sequel to THE WIG IN THE WINDOW? This time my young sleuths go undercover as “royal pages” in their town parade to stop a murderer. It’s got martial arts, giant dancing S’mores, beauty queens, dangerous flower allergies and, of course, lots of mystery.

PS…I can touch my tongue to my nose too! How cool is that?!

Very, very cool! High five! It’s a bit like being a spy, isn’t it? You can walk around thinking to yourself, “No one else knows it, but I have a secret talent!”

TurkeybirdThe Turkeybird Speaks: Oh wow! You are a spy! Really, how cool?! These were the best answers because I know you are a super secret spy! Plus, we both have secret talents! How super neat is that?!

My mom read me parts of your new book and I really really liked it, but I think your second one sounds even better. There are dancing s’mores! The only thing better would be eating the dancing s’mores because chocolate and marshmallows are super super yummy. And those mint cookies sound so so good! My mom said they even make a kind of ice cream with them, I would eat all of the ice cream!

Thank you so super much for the great answers to all my questions! I can’t wait to see your next secret spooky spy book!


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wiginthewindowThe Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher

Best friends and seventh graders Sophie Young and Grace Yang have made a game out of spying on their neighbors. On one of their midnight stakeouts, they witness a terrifying, bloody scene at the home of their bizarre middle-school counselor, Dr. Charlotte Agford (aka Dr. Awkward).

At least, they think they do. The truth is that Dr. Agford was only making her famous pickled beets! But when Dr. Agford begins acting even weirder than usual, Sophie and Grace become convinced that she’s hiding something—and they’re determined to find out what it is.

Soon the girls are breaking secret codes, being followed by a strange blue car, and tailing strangers with unibrows and Texas accents. But as their investigation heats up, Sophie and Grace start to crack under the pressure. They might solve their case, but will their friendship survive?

Perfect for fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Wig in the Window is a smart, funny middle-grade mystery with a REAR WINDOW twist.

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15 Responses to Author Interview and Giveaway: 20 Questions with Kristen Kittscher

  1. Jess Keating says:

    Awesome interview, guys! I’m excited about the giant dancing s’mores! 😀

  2. anne says:

    The question – Swing or slide. I feel the same way about swings, seasick. Many thanks.

  3. This looks so cute.

    Italy for a year? NICE. So jealous. That’s the one place in the world I would visit right now.

  4. Heidi Grange says:

    I liked the question about being a super secret spy.

  5. Dena says:

    I love the question about what to read next if you were five.

  6. Rhythm says:

    This was a great interview! Did the Turkeybird come up with all those great questions? He’s pretty clever! I liked – crayon or marker. That seems to say a lot about a person.

    • Thanks so much! Turkeybird actually comes up with a lot of the questions on his own, or at the very least has come up with them while reading the book with mom & dad. Some of the questions we use again and again because they remain “classic” questions as well as ones he honestly feels tells him about the author or illustrator. He’s always been very inquisitive and has had tons of questions about the authors he really loves, so this is always one of our favorite things to do together. 🙂

  7. apple blossom says:

    2. Sophie and Grace look like they have a lot of fun, but the cover of your book is super spooky! Do they get into lots of trouble all the time?

  8. PragmaticMom says:

    I have to say that I always enjoy the Crayons or Markers AND Slides or Swings questions. Everyone always gives a different answer to these seemingly simple one word answers. I love that! I love Turkeybird interviews. They are my very favorite interviews in the whole world. I would seriously buy a book of JUST Turkeybird interviews.

  9. PragmaticMom says:

    I have to say that I always enjoy the Crayons or Markers AND Slides or Swings questions. Everyone always gives a different answer to these seemingly simple one word answers. I love that! I love Turkeybird interviews. They are my very favorite interviews in the whole world. I would seriously buy a book of JUST Turkeybird interviews. Tell you mom that that Turkeybird. She should publish YOU!

  10. An says:

    I enjoyed the question about Kristen whether she’s a spy or not. She’s hiding something 😉

  11. Carolsue says:

    My favorite question is, ” If you were six what would you read next?”

  12. rena traxel says:

    Your novel and the sequel sound wonderful.

  13. I second the suggestion that Turkeybird publish a book of his interviews! I so much enjoyed mine. Thanks for having me stop in for a visit — and thanks for the great comments!

  14. I love knowing what she’s working on now. Good inspiration AND encouragement to see someone who has “made it” still typing away and doing what she loves!

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