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The 20 Question Interview with our very own Turkeybird is our feature interview that happens with all of the book authors, illustrators and poets we love!

Today we have the pleasure of inviting the Newbery Honor winning author, Kathi Appelt to chat with the Turkeybird. We were honored to be invited to be part of the tour and have the opportunity to interview Kathi. Turkeybird came up with some great questions after reading her recent novel together and looking over her website. So, without further hesitation on our part, the Turkeybird’s interview with Kathi Appelt…

Kathi Appelt photo_credit Ken Appelt1. What’s a sugar pie?

It’s sort of like an empanada, which is sort of like a turn-over only fried.

2. Where can I get one? (They sound super super yummy! All that sugar!)

They’re only available in the Sugar Man Swamp. Put on your waders.

3. What is your favorite kind of pie ever? Mine is chocolate cream pie with lots and lots of whipped cream on top!

Coconut cream with lots and lots of whipped cream on top.

4. Crayons or Markers?

Crayons because they’re so fun to melt.

5. Why?

See above.

6. What’s your favorite color?


7. Your mom and dad let you draw all over the wall! That’s super cool! What was your favorite drawing you made?

I loved to draw horses, but I wasn’t ever very good at them. I’m really good at hearts, however, so I drew a lot of those too.

8. The swamp or the ocean? We live next to the ocean and it is so neat!

Oh, I would dearly love to live near the ocean. Swamps are nice for a visit, but I don’t want to live in one.

Catwings9. When you were my age did you like to read?

I read all the time, especially books about horses.

10. If you were six what would you read next?

I would definitely read Catwings, by Ursula LeGuin.

11. Do you have a favorite treat? (Mine is anything chocolate, but I just tried mustard and that is my new favorite thing to eat!)

I love ginger cookies.

12. You’ve written a lot of books! Do you like writing long books for big kids or short books for little kids better?

Keeper by Kathi AppeltGood question. I like writing both of them. But some day, I’m going to write a rock opera. That’s my big dream.

13. Why do you like to write?

It’s my way of telling stories. ome people tell their stories through music. Some through dance or art or even math or science. I choose writing.

14. There are lots of animals in your book. Do you have a favorite animal?


15. Why?

I have six of them: Hoss, Jazz, D’jango, Mingus, Peach, and Chica.

16. I watched this video where you said you listen to Christmas music in July, which I thought was very silly, but kind of fun too. What is your very most favorite Christmas song?

I love all Christmas songs equally. I actually wrote a Christmas song. If you go to my blog, you can see my husband Ken singing it. []

17. Swings or Slides?


18. Why?

The slides here in Texas are too hot to sit on, and besides I always get stuck on them about half-way down.

19. When your kids were little what did they like to have you read to them?

Pretty much everything, but we loved the Brian Jacques books—Redwall, Mossflower, etc. We read all of them.

20. What are you writing right now?

I’m working on a book that has an owl in it.

TurkeybirdThe Turkeybird Speaks: Thank you so so much Ms. Appelt! This was a super fun interview to work on with my mom and I really really liked all your answers!

My favorite answer was the one about your writing the rock opera! I didn’t know what that was and so my mom looked it up on the internet for me. There’s lots of screaming ladies in some of it! My mom said they were singing, but I don’t know about that. I think that would make a very very silly book, so you should probably like it because silly things are the best things to read.

Thank you super a lot Ms. Appelt! One day when I get a cat of my own I think I will name him Mingus, I like that name the very best!

True Blue ScoutsThe True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp by Kathi Appelt

Meet Bingo and J’miah, raccoon brothers on a mission to save Sugar Man Swamp in this tale from Newbery Honoree Kathi Appelt. Raccoon brothers Bingo and J’miah are the newest recruits of the Official Sugar Man Swamp Scouts. The opportunity to serve the Sugar Man—the massive creature who delights in delicious sugar cane and magnanimously rules over the swamp—is an honor, and also a big responsibility, since the rest of the swamp critters rely heavily on the intel of these hardworking Scouts.

Twelve-year-old Chap Brayburn is not a member of any such organization. But he loves the swamp something fierce, and he’ll do anything to help protect it.

And help is surely needed, because world-class alligator wrestler Jaeger Stitch wants to turn Sugar Man swamp into an Alligator World Wrestling Arena and Theme Park, and the troubles don’t end there. There is also a gang of wild feral hogs on the march, headed straight toward them all.

The Scouts are ready. All they have to do is wake up the Sugar Man. Problem is, no one’s been able to wake that fellow up in a decade or four…

Kathi Appelt is the author of the Newbery Honor-winning, National Book Award finalist, PEN USA Literary Award-winning, and bestselling The Underneath as well as the highly acclaimed novel Keeper, The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, and many picture books. She is a member of the faculty at Vermont College’s Master of Fine Arts program. She has two grown children and lives in Texas with her husband. For more information, visit her website at


I have to give a huge thank you to the author, Kathi Appelt, for giving Turkeybird the opportunity to interview her as well as host a giveaway for one copy of The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp!
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23 Responses to Author Interview and Giveaway: 20 Questions with Kathi Appelt

  1. Judy Palermo says:

    Gotta go with pumpkin!

  2. Rina says:

    Wow, my 5 year old LOVES raccoons! I need to show her the book trailer too. 🙂 Great interview Turkeybird!! Oh, and French Silk, if I have to pick a favorite!

  3. Diandra Mae says:

    I SO agree with her about the slides down here! Not as much fun. Besides, the fun of swings lasts much longer. 😉 Great interview! (I took my first PB workshop with Kathi Appelt when I first moved to Houston. She is a great teacher.)

  4. Kit Grady says:

    Wonderful interview Turkey Bird. I’ve made a list of several of her books and I’m off to read (and study) them.

  5. sharon says:

    Lemon pie is my favorite. Love the feature.

  6. Anna Sedenka says:

    pecan pie!

  7. This made me so happy. I admire Ms. Appelt’s books very much and your son’s interview was just delightful.

  8. Sounds like I need to try to make myself one of these pies. YUM!

  9. apple blossom says:

    pecan pie

  10. Summer says:

    Pumpkin pie for sure 🙂

  11. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie…mmmmmm

  12. Paula says:

    I LOVE lemon icebox pie!

  13. Great interview! Turkeybird interviews are my favorites! (But you might need to change the pic to reflect his new hairstyle! haha!)

  14. Jamie Bassett says:

    Pecan pie!!!

  15. Jamie Bassett says:

    I still think pecan pie, but the strawberry-rhubarb vote almost made me change my mind! I love Mrs. Appelt and her books. And her son I had in math class is pretty cool, too.
    Great interview.

  16. Readingjunky says:

    Great interview! Pecan, of course.

  17. Kristie says:

    Coconut Cream Pie 🙂

  18. Rebecca says:

    I just love these 20 questions posts, Danielle!!!

    I’m afraid I can’t commit to choosing one kind of pie. I’ve never met a pie I didn’t like.

  19. Candace says:

    Apple Crumb is my absolute favorite kind of pie!! 🙂

  20. Renee G says:

    I love coconut cream pie.

  21. Pecan pie with lots of whipped cream! 🙂

  22. I love Kathi Appelt’s books. And what a wonderful woman in person too! My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin pie. But not just any pumpkin pie. My mom’s recipe is the best! (At least to me.) Here’s the recipe:

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