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Today I’m thrilled to welcome author, Stacy McAnulty, to There’s A Book with a little Christmas wish list along with an accompanying cookie recipe! After you’ve read through Stacy’s wish list be sure to take a look at her debut picture book Dear Santasaurus! So, without further hesitation on my part, please welcome Stacy McAnulty…

Santasaurus Tour

In my debut picture book, DEAR SANTASAURUS, Ernest B. Spinosaurus writes letters to Santasaurus every month. Ernest wants to make sure the big green guy knows his wish list. So today, I thought I’d take a shot at making a Christmas list.

Dear Santasaurus

Stacy’s Wish List

1. Virus-Free Children: Every year one of my three kids has a cold or a stomach bug or the flu over Christmas break. I’d love to have a Christmas morning where tissues are mingling with the torn wrapping paper.

2. A Minion: Not the toy kind. I’d love one of these little yellow workers to help me with the wrapping and the baking and the cleaning. Maybe he could even give me a foot massage.

3. Dark Chocolate: Put it in my stocking. Wrap it up and place it under the tree. Send it via US mail. Such an easy gift to give. And personally, I love consumable gifts. That means I’ll never have to dust it or feel bad about selling it at a garage sale.

4. Free Time: This is probably harder to come by then a minion. I’ve only finished season 1 of Breaking Bad. I’d love to have time to watch the other 50 episodes. I’d order take-out and curl up on the couch until I know Walt’s fate.

5. And Some More Free Time: There’s a group of books patiently waiting for me on my kindle. They’re going to think I don’t love them if I don’t start reading them soon.

6. Peace: I wish this for everyone. That we can all find it during the holidays. That there are at least moments of it among the chaos and expectations. It’s not something that can easily be found. It often needs to be deliberately made.

And if I can’t have any of the above, I think I’d like a Fitbit Force, I plan on getting in shape in 2014. (It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions when I still have a few weeks to change my mind.)

Stacy McanultyAbout Stacy:
Stacy lives in North Carolina with her three children, two dogs, and one husband. She loves books, Christmas, dinosaurs, and cookies. DEAR SANTASAURUS (Boyd Mills Press, 2013) is her first picture book. For more information on Stacy, please visit her website.

Visit Stacy’s Blog for a slew of cookie recipes!

Find Dear Santasaurus by Stacy McAnulty at the following spots:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s Books | Indiebound | Book Depository | Goodreads | ISBN/ISBN-13: 1590788761 / 9781590788769

Thank you again to Stacy for stopping by today! I can’t wait to try the cookies she’s been sharing these past few days! Connect with on Twitter and on Facebook!
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3 Responses to Guest Post: Author Stacy McAnulty Tackles Her Christmas List

  1. I agree about chocolate – true no dusting!

  2. OMG I’ve been saying I need a minion too. They could help around the house, pick up toys, and be fun friends for my toddler.

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