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It’s back! This is the second annual Read to Me – A Picture Book Reading Challenge! During it’s initial year the Picture Book Reading Challenge was my most visited page and I’m thrilled to say it had nearly 100 participants. I’m hoping that 2012 will bring just as many eager participants to share their love of picture books with the little ones we all know and love. Below is a bit more info about the challenge, be sure to read it over and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Good luck and thanks so much for joining in!

  • The objective of the Read to Me Challenge is to read with the kiddos in your life and/or enjoy picture books in general.
  • Books must be ones written expressly for children ages 9 and under. Board books, early readers, picture books, etc.
  • Print or eBook format is acceptable.
  • Anyone can join. You don’t have to be a blogger, and you don’t have to live in the United States. Open worldwide.
  • You do not have to have an blog to participate.
  • You can join at anytime. Deadline to join is November 20, 2012. (Not 2011, so you still have PLENTY of time to sign up!) The challenge runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.

How To Participate:

1. Decide which challenge level you’ll be doing (see below).
2. Decide if you intend to read them with a child or on your own. Sorry, but those who read with a child get twice as many entries each month. Although those that do read with a child need to share their experience with the them in their review.
3. Grab a button.
4. Create your own post to let all your readers know you’re taking part in the challenge and at what level. Make sure to link back to this page with either one of the buttons or a text link.
5. Use the link form below to enter into the challenge by sharing your challenge post url and your name (either your name, blog name, or both). Please only use the comment section to participate if you do not have a blog. All other participants should use Mr. Linky below with a direct link to your challenge post.
6. Submit your reviews as you complete them on the designated monthly post to be qualified for monthly prize drawings.
7. There will be a “wrap-up” completion link-up at the end of the year to sign up for to share in your successes.

Challenge Levels:

Reading with a Child:

  • “Planting” – Read 12 picture books with a child during the year.
  • “Watering” – Read 36 picture books with a child during the year.
  • “Feeding” – Read 72 picture books with a child during the year.
  • “Growing” – Read 120 picture books with a child during the year.
  • “Harvesting” – Read 200 picture books with a child during the year.

Reading on Your Own:

  • “Board Book” – Read 12 picture books on your own during the year.
  • “Unjacketed” – Read 36 picture books on your own during the year.
  • Jacketed – Read 72 picture books on your own during the year.
  • “Early Reader” – Read 120 picture books on your own during the year.
  • “Chapter Reader” – Read 200 picture books on your own during the year.

Reading with a Child or on your own – with only a wrap up post each month:
(This is a new category for 2012. Last year I had numerous requests for a category for non-reviewers, but I wanted to make sure the books were actually recorded on a blog. This is the only category where a blog is required and a monthly “wrap-up” post detailing the book titles & authors you read throughout the month.)

  • “Strolling” – Read 200 picture books during the year.
  • “Observing” – Read 400 picture books during the year.
  • “Plowing” – Read 600 picture books during the year.
  • “Saturating” – Read 700 picture books during the year.
  • “Blooming” – Read 1,000 picture books during the year. (I’d love to see someone reach this goal! I may even try myself!)

That’s it! Now go, create your posts, feel free to use the graphics above and then link up below! I can’t wait to see what books you read throughout the year!

Link up Posts by Month:
February & March
May & June
July(Current Link-up!)

Sign Up for the Challenge by Linking-Up Here:

39 Responses to 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge

    • Jordana Buchan says:

      Hope I did this right – I’ve never done anything like this before, but saw it on Pinterest and thought it was such a good idea. I have a 5yr old boy and a 3yr old girl that I read to every night 🙂

  1. Laurie says:

    Joining in again this year. Looking forward to seeing what others are reading.

  2. I am ecstatic about this challenge! Thanks so much for hosting this! I’ll be a harvester…=) If you have a chance, pop on over to my blog on Thursdays to read children’s authors’ accounts of humbling moments they’ve experienced while writing for children. =)

  3. What a great challenge. I love to read picture books as much as I like to write them!

  4. […] so I am using their widget from last year’s. Danielle’s announcement post is now up here! We’re aiming for the Early Reader level at 120 books just like last […]

  5. Hi Danielle, my announcement post which indicates my intention to join this reading challenge actually came a tad earlier – so I was crossing my fingers that you’d still host this challenge! Yay! 🙂 We really enjoyed our participation last year so we’re in again this year!

  6. […] 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge by Danielle Smith from There’s a Book […]

  7. Joining in this year… this seems like a lot of fun!

  8. […] and by we I mean the Geekling and myself, are going to be participating in the 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge this year.  This challenge is hosted by There’s A Book and seems like a really fun way to […]

  9. Heidi Grange says:

    I am looking forward to sharing some great picture books with my students this year. This challenge helps motivate me not to neglect this while teaching. Thanks.

  10. I can’t resist this challenge. And I love the option with the monthly wrap-up posts. I’ll be participating with my story time blog this time around, and will be back to sign up as soon as I decide on my goal (I’m torn between 400 and 600) and have the chance to post about it. Thanks for hosting again this year!

  11. Ali B. says:

    I’m going to set my goal at “planting” this year. I constantly read to my six year old and to her kindergarten class, but I am taking part in another challenge and didn’t want to overextend my reading/reviewing. I’ll write a post ASAP on my website and get busy reading all those amazing PB I’ve got in my queue.


  12. Jen says:

    Oooh this is so fab! I’m doing my own personal resolution (reading out loud to my kids every day in 2012) which fits right in! It’s going to be hard to decide which level though! Wish I could do 1000- but without an English library around my bank account would cry!

    I am going to have to decide between Feeding and Growing levels I think. Let me go count the # of picture books we own!

    Do Magic Treehouse and those sorts of books count? There are pictures, but not every page.

  13. Ali B. says:

    I am so looking forward to sharing this challenge with my daughter and my blog friends. Here’s a link to my Read to Me Picture Book Challenge blog post.

  14. […] at There’s A Book is hosting her Picture book reading challenge again, so I thought it was time I joined up, being a […]

  15. Ali B. says:

    I’ve got my first review ready. What do I do now? Where do I post it besides on my blog?

  16. Jen says:

    I have hemmed and hawed but I have decided to *gulp* go for the growing level of 120 books. I won’t e reviewing them all but I will try really hard to do this. Crossing fingers

  17. Lovejoy says:

    I want to join in this kind of challenge to improve my reading..Thank you for sharing info..

  18. Quill2002 says:

    I’m not quite sure what level to choose. Does reading the same book over and over and over and over again to different kids count as one book or multiple? I read aloud 3 or 4 times a day, 3 days a week, for my job; usually 2 or 3 books. But I usually try to read the same books to each group of kids, so that I don’t run out of books! I think I might be able to reach quite a high number if they can count multiple times.

    Having just gotten over a cold and finished the three days in a row of reading to kids, I can tell you that the one downside of my wonderful job is that I am now losing my voice!

  19. Mandy says:

    I’m so excited to join this challenge! I’m going for the “Growing” level. I’m sure that my son and I can read 200, but he has his favorites that we inevitably end up reading over and over. I can’t wait to hear what everyone is reading and get some great new ideas.


  20. We are celebrating Black History Month over at GatheringBooks this week. Our 25th contribution to the Picture Book Reading Challenge is Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach. 🙂

  21. Trish says:

    Hi! I am wondering if the books I’ve blogged about recently prior to joining the challenge count?:)


    kind regards,

  22. Hi Danielle, I noted that the March linky isn’t up yet? Should I just place all our recent reviews under the February linky?

    • Hey Myra! I’m way behind this month because I got really sick. I’m so sorry the linky isn’t up! Just go ahead and add to this one and instead of two winners I’ll pick three! 🙂

  23. Ali B. says:

    Just added my review of I WANT MY HAT BACK. My kids got this one for Christmas, but we just picked it up for the first time last week. We LOVE it!

  24. Our 53rd book for the reading challenge is Imogene’s Antlers by David Small. Delightful book.

  25. Ooops, apparently that was 52nd, our 53rd is Lives of Extraordinary Women by Kathleen Krull. 🙂

  26. Achievement Academy says:

    What a neat challenge! We are a school for students studying for their GED tests, and some of us are going to try doing it this summer. It looks like fun!

  27. angel says:

    I’m using this for school to get my GED.

  28. Derrica says:

    I’m up here for a class I’m taking. I think it’s a great idea for my class to offer it and I get credit for reading to my kids.

  29. cleo says:

    This looks like a great challenge!

  30. Baker41 says:

    I’m looking forward to the enjoyment of reading to a child, I know it will be fun.

  31. Shenelle Durham says:

    I would like to read at least 200 books. With and without a child.

  32. Kelly says:

    Wow! This looks like an awesome challenge, and I’m most definitely going to join in! As it’s so late in the year, I don’t think I’ll be able to read too many books, but as a preschool teacher, I’ll be reading at least one picture book a day.

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