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Thank you so much for considering There’s A Book for your book review needs!

Reading is something I feel can have a transformative effect on people and so much more so on children. The effects can be seen into adulthood and beyond. That’s one of the reasons I decided to create this site. By no means am I equipped to know about every new children’s, middle grade or young adult book that’s coming to the market. So, in my opinion I’d love to hear from publishers and/or authors, publicists, editors and the like about review opportunities or even just to give me information about a new release.

Attn: Due to new opportunities and life situations (myself becoming a literary agent and kiddos starting school) our reviewing has become very limited. I have had to be very very particular about what I am able to take on here at There’s A Book and as such I may not be able to reply to all requests. I apologize for this, but I’ll do my best.

Please feel free to contact me (The1stdaughter – Danielle Smith) via email at the1stdaughter {at} gmail {dot} com.
I don’t respond to any other form of pitch, so please no Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Goodreads pitches. Any pitches received in this matter will be promptly deleted and may weigh against the probability of future consideration. Also, authors looking to query me in regards to agent representation, please see my submission policy at Red Fox Literary for guidelines. Queries for representation received at the above address will be deleted. Thank you so much!

The Details:

The Short and Sweet (A quick breakdown of what we review):

  • Children’s Fiction & Non-Fiction:
    – Board Books
    – Picture Books
    – Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books
  • Graphic Novels
  • Middle Grade Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Young Adult

Currently we are accepting hardback, paperback, eBooks for Nook (ePub preferable) and audio-books. ARC’s are also welcome as well as information regarding release date. We DO NOT accept self-published works, sorry, nothing personal just experience has shown that this is what suits us best.

Our reviews can also be found on other book related sites such as: Goodreads, LibraryThing,, Twitter (link to my site review), and Facebook. (See direct links to these locations in the right sidebar.)

Please also know that we do our best to like every book that comes through our door, but this just isn’t always possible. We do not guarantee a review of every book sent to us, although we will do our best. Every book is not the right fit for every person. Always expect honesty above all else from our reviews.

Understand that the reviews given on this site are the opinion of the reviewer. Additionally the reviews written on this site (There’s a Book) are the property of this site and can only be used with the written permission of the reviewer.

Contact me, Danielle Smith, via email at the1stdaughter {at} gmail {dot} com. Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

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