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Currently any books reviewed on this site are brought into our home by the following methods:
•    Purchased and/or borrowed from the Public Library.
•    Review Copy sent from the Publisher, Publicist, or author of which no monetary compensation is accepted.
•    Received as a gift or won in a giveaway.

Each review posted will have listed specifically where and from whom the book was received and for what purpose. But in no situation will I accept any form of financial payment in exchange for a review.

Currently I have affiliate accounts with the following companies: Amazon, Indie Bound, Powells, and Barnes and Noble whereby I get a small commission if you click through a product link from my site and make a purchase during that same session. Any commission received currently goes to support the upkeep of the site including, but not limited to: Domain name, server hosting, web master fees, shipping costs, packing materials, etc.

With the exception of the affiliates listed above there are no other advertisements listed on this site by which an income or payment is received. This may change in future and if you are a company currently seeking my assistance please use my contact form below.

Blog Sponsors
Currently a variety of affiliate programs are used at There’s A Book including, but not limited to, Linkshare, BlogAds, Google Adwords, Amazon and Indiebound. These may change in future and if you are a company currently seeking my assistance please contact me via email at the1stdaughter at gmail dot com.

Traffic Details
This will be forth coming after the site has had a little time to accumulate such results. I am currently listed with PMetrics, Alexa, Google Page Rank, Technorati, Klout, Website Grader and various others. The results of these memberships will be disclosed as they are accumulated on a monthly basis beginning the month after the site begins reviewing (11/15/09). For more details please contact me via email.