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Here at There’s A Book, I take your privacy very seriously, especially for due to the fact that the target audience can be quite young. Although I do believe you have to be responsible in sharing your own information I do also believe there is a lot that I can do to help. Please DO NOT include personal information in any comments on my posts. You never know who is checking out my blog and can see your information. If any personal information is posted in the comments, I will delete the comment for your own safety – but I can’t guarantee that it will be deleted before someone else has seen it.

The only occasion I have to collect any personal data would be in the event an individual won a contest/giveaway on the site. If you win a contest on the site, I will request a physical address to which I send the prize. If you are under 13, your parent will have to confirm and provide the address. (I have no way of confirming your age, so I am expecting everyone to be honest, please.) No one’s address will be shared or distributed in any way, not rented or sold, nor is it kept on file.

To further aid in the privacy protection of my readers all contests will have a registration form provided to enter. This means that you will not be required to put your email address in the comments section.  And I would advise against doing so.

For your information, you may want to check out these sites on children’s online protection:

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act